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28 October 2008. A responds:

Garland...ahh, memories. Garland is to clandestine communications and black special projects what Romania and former Soviet blocs are to agency black sites.

Garland was, among other things, ground zero of the ABLE DANGER/STRATUS IVY debacle a few year back - you remember, John; the clandestine DIA/SOCOM data mining program that identified Atta before Sept 11?

Yeah, that ABLE DANGER.

STRATUS IVY - and a smattering of other NSA/USAF/Army, contractor-run (Raytheon/SAIC/L-3), and Army SIGINT outfits are run out of Garland. Some are funded; others are funded via Dept of Education/State/Interior.

I worked for LTCOL Shaffer while attached to a DIA HUMINT unit that focused on JSOC support in Afghanistan/Pakistan/Uzbekistan. DHT's (Deployable HUMINT Teams) "plugged into" JSOC forces and supported the shooters with SATCOM links to the anaylsts back in Garland. Intel was fed/translated in real time and fed back to the ops/CI guys that DIA had sent.

I will say that STERLING RAPPORT (the JSOC HUMINT unit) used Garland extensively as a data clearing house so they wouldn't have to utilize/waste time with CIA pukes. NRO is the overall "funder". The rest of the money comes from the aforementioned places (State, Interior) among others (Coast Guard, ICE).

But - STRATUS IVY was one of three special access programs that provided classified and open source intel to SOCOM/JSOC shootes in support of OEF.

I have since moved on to greener fields within DIA, but I'm sure Garland is what it was in 2000 - 2002: the epicenter of black comms/surveillance projects. Most people would assume Boston, DC, suburban Virginia/West Virginia...nope.

Garland, Texas, baby.

The puzzle palace also trains USAF/Army linguists not that far from there either.

28 October 2008

Comments on the ghost phones to cryptome[at]

A sends:

There's a guy who ostensibly works for DoD, but who actually works for CIA.  Calls made to or from his phone, and texts sent to or from his phone, don't show up in my online detail of minutes/data used.  They did until roughly 2 months ago, and now the phone is a ghost.  Have you heard about anything like that happening?  How would that get set up?  You can check yourself if you like - the phone number is 214-762-4100 - if you Google it, it comes back as the 24-hour hotline for Continental Wireless in Garland, TX, but trust me, it's this guy's phone number (his name's Gary Weber).  He is based in Dallas, so I suppose there could be some connection.  Anyway, I appreciate any info. you or your readers have on this.  Thanks.

A bit more digging on Gary Weber shows him listed alternatively as COO and CTO of Continental Wireless in Texas.  He actually is working in the Middle East, as you can see from the photos below. 

From: Gary Weber <usgovt[at]>
Date: Fri, Jul 25, 2008

Just in case you thought I was joking!