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3 October 2008

A writes:

In all the research you've accumulated, have you been able to piece it all together, like the pieces of a puzzle, so as to form a working/coherent worldview, which makes sense of all that is going on in the world, that on the surface, seems unrelated? Is there a push for a "New World Order /ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, among the wealthiest top 2% of the world's total population? Also, what can we/should we, as individuals, do, in order to take back our country, and preserve our liberty, as Americans?


Certainly there is highly organized cooperation among the world's wealthy, individuals, institutions and corporations. To the extent this group is able to influence governments, it does aim to influence political, economic and social policy to serve its interests.

There continues to be competition among governments as well as among the members of this wealthy group and that leads to disagreement and dispute about who is supreme -- the group does not like equality and therefore continually struggles to gain control of its members openly and covertly.

Covert manipulation of the group and the populace of nations is carried out by the world's vast intelligence operations, private and governmental, which is itself a global force which may be more powerful than that based on wealth or national identity.

The principal tool for covert manipulation is secrecy, again private and governmental. Secrecy fosters deception and cloaks criminal activity, and most importantly, it is opposed to democratic openness and prevents full governmental transparency and accountability.

Secrecy is increasing, and to the exact extent it increases it favors those who keep secrets and enforce laws that protect secrecy, most often invoked on the basis of "national security" but also heavily used to hide commercial malfeasance.

My view is that secrecy is the greatest threat to freedom throughout the world, by far the greatest threat to democracy and freedom, and has been in history and will continue to be. Without secrecy none of the private and governmental means to control and exploit the uninformed populace would work.

Abuse of secrecy underlies all efforts to frighten the populace into submission and obedience. The current financial crisis an example, not different from that used to go to war in Iraq and wars galore in the past and yet to come unless people rise up to abolish secrecy -- which they do from time to time, thank goodness, but the vile addictive practice requires constant  medication, or best, surgical removal.