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6 March 2009

Mario Profaca ( writes:

My friend Domagoj Margetic is a well-known Croatian investigative journalist. Although Domagoj's articles are in Croatian language, his great website  (uncensored) is a real gold mine of secret intel documents and facsimiles.

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Subject: Iranski operativci
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 23:05:57 +0100
From: Domagoj Margetic <margetic.domagoj[at]>
To: Mario <mario.profaca[at]>

Strictly confidential documents on the approval of visa the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tehran, point to serious security failures in the work of BiH diplomacy. Secret documents, which we have, prove that in BiH in the time since 2004 until 2007 there was three hundred Iranian intelligence operatives, which entered BiH on the basis of visas issued at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tehran. For these operatives at that list BiH diplomacy approved visas without regular security clearance and without usual security procedures in such cases.

Particularly interesting is the fact that the list includes some Iranian scholars, employees of state departments and ministries, which are under various formal matters traveled from Iran to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

However, as found out from our sources, the actual reason for their travel is determined by the Ministry of Security of Iran, Iranian Ministry in charge of operation and coordination of work and activities of Iranian intelligence and security services.

It is worrying, however, that since 2004 the Iranian intelligence service, obviously, intensified activities in the Balkans, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and documents which we have shows in fact that it is most likely in the time since 2004 year until 2007 they went to reorganization of Iranian intelligence infrastructure in the Balkans, and that in such a new reorganization of infrastructure of Iranian intelligence centers in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, are now included people who previously were not known as operatives of Iranian intelligence community.

So, these lists most certainly prove that for the first time after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina Iran comes to a new intelligence reorganization project of its personnel in BiH and restructuring of intelligence centers in the Balkans, which in future will obviously play a key role in the global strategy and Iranian intelligence activity of a terrorist Iranian intelligence cells in Europe.

Complete list of Iranian operatives which we published you can find here:

Text is in Croatian and there is a link to a pdf document on the bottom ("ovdje" in Croatian means "here")

Domagoj Margetic
Independent investigative journalist, publicist, columnist
Founder and Editor in chief of independent investigative web magazine

Member of The Committee of Concerned Journalists
Member of Internet Freedom
Member of South East European Expert Team for antiterrorism and fight against organized crime (ATT)

Grab the spy list from Domagoj's site, but if it is shut down here is a Cryptome mirror: