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14 January  2009. Add: NeuStar, Cox Communications, BroadSoft, Sonus, Enforcement Technology, Adams Evidence Grade Technology, BearCom, SyTech.

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12 January 2009. Add Siemens, Bivio, CloudShield, Pen-Link and names of dozens of firms offering spying services.

11 January 2009

VeriSign, Inc.

Products for spying on digital communications have mushroomed in response to the FBI's CALEA, the EU's ETSI and similar national network spying programs. Governments, businesses and individuals have followed this leadership by utilizing the same products to spy on and stalk citizens, customers, employees and family members.

This is an initial list of oranizations which advertise services for "lawful interception," which have morphed into privacy-violative attacks -- unlawful interception -- under misleading terms of "data gathering," "network monitoring," "system administration," "protection and security," "parental control," "combatting child pornography," and a host of other lucrative political, commercial, demogogic and monomaniacal agendas.

Lawful interception products and services, like all spying methods, have capabilities that are unregulated outside the official arena and are marketed with a wink-wink about their abusive use. As one firm, Netsweeper, coyly states:

Should governments have the right to intercept or monitor the private Internet usage of its country’s citizens?

The topic of LI, as it pertains to the Internet, has been and will continue to be a highly debated issue. Netsweeper does not actively support either argument; however, Netsweeper is uniquely positioned to assist service providers and regulators in adhering to the LI regulations imposed by their government bodies.

The worldwide business boom in interception products and services have become a frenzy which threatens communications privacy more than governments, adopting the lucrative national security industry practice of cloaking fat profits with secrecy.

Names and URLs of other invasive spying products and organizations are invited. Send to cryptome[at]


Lawful Intercept (LI/CALEA) Links & Whitepapers

Global LI Industry Forum (Site appears to be outdated, with several broken links)
P.O. Box 0641
Olympia WA 98507

The Global LI Industry Forum, Inc is incorporated in the State of Washington, USA, as a non-profit trade association whose mission is to promote the worldwide awareness, responsible development, and marketplace growth for Lawful Interception (LI) products and services. The Forum is governed by its Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws; and consists of Members, a governing Board of Directors, Officers, and a Secretariat.

Forum Members are the companies that develop and supply

LI access products
LI mediation products
LI collection system products
LI service bureau capabilities
LI software products

to Communication Providers or Law Enforcement Agencies in the global marketplace for the purposes of meeting national LI legal requirements, as that term is defined in ETSI Standards ES 101 671 and ES 201 671.* A LI service bureau is a service offering to Communication Providers and LEAs, where the provider provides in whole or in part the LI capabilities, and acts as an intermediary, making use of LI access, mediation, and software products.

Members who join during the first year of the organization will be denominated Founding Members. Companies currently committed to be Founding Members Include:

Founding Members [more on each below]

Accuris Limited
Aqsacom SA
Cisco Systems (considering)
ECtel Ltd.
SS8 Networks
Top Layer Networks
Verint Systems, Inc.
VeriSign, Inc.

The Forum is establishing a LEA Advisory Committee for representatives of Law Enforcement Agencies that are recognized by existing international LI-related LEA organizations.

Board of Directors (Initial)

Christopher Cowan
Kyriacos Georgiades
Todd McDermott
Anthony M Rutkowski


President Anthony M Rutkowski
Vice President Kyriacos Georgiades
Secretary Christopher Cowan
Treasurer Todd McDermott

Around the world, LI requirements including treaties and multilateral agreements, exist to discover and provide trusted information by providers of communication network services or their legal agents, both as i) a priori capabilities supported in provider systems and ii) in response to judicial warrants or production orders. In the USA, LI is frequently referred to as Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance (LAES), of which a subset category is the CALEA requirements placed on telecommunication carriers by the FCC and FBI.

The customers for these services include Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs), national security agencies, or (where a private corporate or government network facility is involved) the party responsible for a private network. LEAs typically encompass police or investigative agencies, prosecutors, and judicial bodies. The LEA actions are generally criminal proceedings, but in some cases, civil.

LI products and services are critically important investigative capabilities encompassing: 1) subscriber information and administrative records, 2) stored traffic data, 3) collection of real-time traffic data (also called Intercept Related Information (IRI) or "call-identifying information" in the USA), or 4) collection of real-time content (also called Communications Content (CC) or "call content" in the USA). Where public services are involved, the discovered information is provided to LEAs pursuant to lawful process. The basis for these requests are carefully controlled through judicial and administrative procedures and review.

Accuris Networks

AccuGUARD™ Lawful Interception

Accuris Networks is the established supplier of lawful interception solutions with a strong customer base. AccuGUARD™ product is designed to provide a cost effective, fully functional solution for filtering IP packet data from the network and delivering target data to a law enforcement monitoring facility.

AccuGUARD™ provides complete IP interception capabilities across a wide range of carrier and access technologies; it also supports IP, SMTP, POP3, DHCP, RADIUS, VoIP, SIP and WAP. AccuGUARD™ complies with full European - ETSI compliance and US - CALEA compliance.

1 Av de l'Atlantique
F-91976 LES ULIS Courtaboeuf Cedex

300, Route Crêtes
06560 Valbonne

Aqsacom continues to strengthen its leadership in carrier-based security solutions. Leveraging its 14 years of experience in the deployment of lawful interception systems, Aqsacom now delivers carrier-class data retention solutions to markets worldwide.

IP Lawful Interception Solutions

AQSACOM now offers the world's first comprehensive lawful interception solution for massive-scale public IP networks. Our IP interception systems are built upon AQSACOM's time and field-proven approach to lawful interception architecture, with:

• Applicability to ADSL, dial-up, cable modem, 802.11, fixed, and other access technologies.
• A highly modular design that can be readily integrated with AQSACOM voice interception solutions.
• Easy-to-use human interface requiring minimal training.
• Operation over off-the-shelf hardware for easy serviceability and low-cost parts replacement.
• Interoperability with all major IP networking equipment vendors.
• Conformance to current and emerging standards to effectively delivery interception data to law enforcement agencies.

The AQSACOM Lawful Interception System (ALIS) Platform

The Aqsacom Lawful Interception System (ALIS) is the core product of Aqsacom. ALIS is essentially a mediation system that:

• Collects intercepted data and content from pertinent network elements
• Formats the collected intercepted data and content into standards-compliant data formats
• Delivers the formatted interception data and content to law enforcement

ALIS operates as a real-time mediation platform to satisfy a variety of lawful interception requests. It assures an interception implementation that is non intrusive, totally transparent and independent of the underlying connectivity technology.

The system's client/server layered architecture comprises two functional entities: ALIS-M for target provisioning and central system management and ALIS-D for the mediation and delivery of interception content.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Dr.
San Jose, CA 95134

Lawful Intercept Architecture

This document explains Lawful Intercept (LI) architecture, including Cisco Service Independent Intercept architecture and PacketCable Lawful Intercept architecture.

Lawful Intercept

Lawful Intercept is the process by which law enforcement agencies (LEAs) conduct electronic surveillance as authorized by judicial or administrative order. Increasingly, legislation is being adopted and regulations are being enforced that require service providers (SPs) and Internet service providers (ISPs) to implement their networks to explicitly support authorized electronic surveillance. The types of SPs or ISPs that are subject to LI mandates vary greatly from country to country. LI compliance in the United States is specified by the CALEA.

Cisco supports two architectures for LI: PacketCable and Service Independent Intercept. The LI components by themselves do not ensure customer compliance with applicable regulations but rather provide tools that can be used by SPs and ISPs to construct an LI-compliant network.

Cisco Service Independent Intercept Architecture

The Cisco Service Independent Intercept Architecture Version 3.0 document describes implementation of LI for VoIP networks using the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch call agent, version 5.0, in a non-PacketCable network. Packet Cable Event Message specification version 1.5-I01 is used to deliver the call identifying information along with version 2.0 of the Cisco Tap MIB for call content. To view the Cisco Service Independent Intercept Architecture Version 3.0 document, go to the following URL:

The Cisco Service Independent Intercept Architecture Version 2.0 document describes implementation of LI for VoIP networks using the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch call agent, versions 4.4 and 4.5, in a non-PacketCable network. Although not a PacketCable network, PacketCable Event Messages Specification version I08 is still used to deliver call identifying information, along with version 1.0 or version 2.0 of the Cisco Tap MIB for call content. The Cisco Service Independent Intercept Architecture Version 2.0 document adds additional functionality for doing data intercepts by both IP address and session ID, which are both supported in version 2.0 of the Cisco Tap MIB (CISCO-TAP2-MIB). To view the Cisco Service Independent Intercept Architecture Version 2.0 document, go to the following URL:

The Cisco Service Independent Intercept Architecture Version 1.0 document describes implementation of LI for VoIP networks that are using the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch call agent, versions 3.5 and 4.1, in a non-PacketCable network. Although not a PacketCable network, PacketCable Event Message Specification version I03 is still used to deliver call identifying information, along with version 1.0 of the Cisco Tap MIB (CISCO-TAP-MIB) for call content. Simple data intercepts by IP address are also discussed. To view the Cisco Service Independent Intercept Architecture Version 1.0 document, go to the following URL:

PacketCable Lawful Intercept Architecture

The PacketCable Lawful Intercept Architecture for BTS Version 5.0 document describes the implementation of LI for VoIP using Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch call agent, version 5.0, in a PacketCable network that conforms to PacketCable Event Messages Specification version 1.5-I01. To view the PacketCable Lawful Intercept Architecture for BTS Version 5.0 document, go to the following URL:

The PacketCable Lawful Intercept Architecture for BTS Versions 4.4 and 4.5 document describes the implementation of LI for VoIP using Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch call agent, versions 4.4 and 4.5, in a PacketCable network that conforms to PacketCable Event Messages Specification version I08. To view the PacketCable Lawful Intercept Architecture for BTS Versions 4.4 and 4.5 document, go to the following URL:

The PacketCable Lawful Intercept Architecture for BTS Versions 3.5 and 4.1 document describes the implementation of LI for voice over IP (VoIP) using Cisco Broadband Telephony Softswitch (BTS) 10200 Softswitch call agent, versions 3.5 and 4.1, in a PacketCable network that conforms to PacketCable Event Message Specification version I03. To view the PacketCable Lawful Intercept Architecture for BTS Versions 3.5 and 4.1 document, go to the following URL:

Additional Resources

For information about basic support for the intercept of dial access traffic, see the Lawful Intercept on Cisco AS5000 Series Universal Gateways feature module at the following URL:

Configuring Lawful Intercept Support

This chapter describes how to configure lawful intercept (LI). This is necessary to ensure that unauthorized users cannot perform lawful intercepts or access information related to intercepts.

ECtel Ltd.
10 Amal St., Park Afek
Rosh Ha’ayin 48092

ECtel Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of ECtel Ltd. (Nasdaq: ECTX), a leading provider of Lawful Interception solutions, today announced that a major U.S. carrier has ordered its new lawful interception solution for packet data networks. The order was placed following and intensive and thorough evaluation process of various competitive solutions.

ECtel's flexible X-Probe(TM) PD solution was designed to help service providers comply with new Lawful Interception regulations for data networks monitoring. Benefiting from ECtel's decade of Lawful Interception experience and profound technological expertise, the X-Probe(TM) solution is powerful, scalable, and comprehensively addresses the full range of lawful interception challenges.

ETI Connect
4219 Lafayette Center Drive
Chantilly, VA, 20151

ETI Connect is a global provider of Lawful Intercept systems which enable reliable, efficient and lawful monitoring on all types of Internet communication. This commercial division provides solutions to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) enabling them to fulfill their obligations for a constantly changing requirement for Lawful Intercept.

To meet the increasing requirements of Lawful Intercept, ETI Connect provides solutions through our LINC concept:

Lawful Intercept Network Connector (LINC)

* LINC is ETI Connect’s concept for Lawful Interception.
* LINC enables CSPs to fulfill their current and future legal obligation for Lawful Interception.
* LINC is compliant with worldwide standards for LI, including ETSI and ATIS/TIA (also known as CALEA).

The LINC concept is based on a number of design criteria that benefit all parties with regard to financial investment, time and human resources.

LINC provides the solution to overcome the challenges of Lawful Intercept.

Development of the LINC concept has been based on meeting the real needs of our customers. This has resulted in a state-of-the-art concept, with key features that:

* Maintain a high level of data security throughout the system.
* Protect our customers’ prior investments by accepting input from existing equipment such as routers and switches, as well as full integration with existing monitoring systems.
* Reduce management and data collection resources by utilizing a networked solution with central management and mediation, regardless of input source.
* Facilitate timely delivery by distributing the monitored data to multiple destinations in real time, using streaming output.
* Interface to any type of IP communication line where relevant data is available.
* Provide a seamless connection between the CSP and the LEMF, thus efficiently fulfilling the CSP’s legal obligations.

Furthermore, our solutions can provide CSPs with additional capabilities enabling them to protect their own infrastructure from unauthorized and/or malicious activities.

GTEN Division
Oskar-Messter-Straße 16
D-85737 Ismaning

Lawful Interception

GTEN Amado – ATM filter / ATM packet receiver

GTEN Amado is an appliance for telecommunication surveillance (Lawful Interception [LI]) in IP-data networks based on ATM. Depending on the technical and legal requirements Amado can be used either as ATM filter in the ATM-network of the ISP or at the LEA’s premises as ATM packet receiver. Amado will be used always in combination with components of the GTEN Daviath © Monitoring System.


POSEIDON is an equipment for recording, reconstruction and evaluation of IP-data, which are passively recorded from different communication lines.

POSEIDON reads the IP-data, filters them according to predefined filter criteria, adds a timestamp to the IP-data (NTP-Server) and stores them in raw format in its own database.

The Siemens Monitoring Center (MC) offers the user a uniform, modular LI System for all kinds of telecommunication traffic to be intercepted.

The modular design of the MC guarantees that the system can be adapted flexibly to all requirements concerning different kinds of telecommunication and amount of traffic to be monitored. It enables the user to design the MC to meet his own organizational requirements which will result in a maximum of flexibility and efficiency for fulfilling his LI tasks.

Top Layer DCFD

Top Layer DCFD is an appliance for telecommunication surveillance (Lawful Interception [LI ]) in IP-data networks based on Fast / Gigabit Ethernet.

DCFD will be used in the network of a Carrier / ISP e.g. in combination with components of GTEN’s Daviath© Monitoring Systems, which are responsible for the administration of the system and the IP-data transmission to the monitoring facility of the Law Enforcement Agencies.

SS8 - The Architects of Lawful Intercept
750 Tasman Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035

SS8 Networks’ CALEA, ETSI and CableLabs™ compliant lawful intercept solutions are used worldwide by wireline, wireless, broadband and cable service providers for standards-based, or individually tailored, implementations.

These solutions are typically divided into three key functions: access, mediation and collection. The access function comprises existing network elements that are provisioned to provide call detail records or call content for target individuals. Alternatively, passive probes may be used where no such capability exists on the access element. The mediation (or delivery) function is used for warrant provisioning, communicating with the access elements and probes and formatting call data for delivery to the law enforcement agency (LEA). The collection function equates to products deployed by LEAs for the appropriate collection and analysis of call records and content.

SS8 is a leader in communications intercept and a worldwide provider of regulatory compliant, electronic intercept and surveillance solutions. Lawful intercept solutions allow communication service providers to meet regulatory obligations while at the same time enabling law enforcement agencies (“LEAs”) and intelligence services to conduct electronic surveillance of both circuit and packet-mode communications in accordance with local laws and standards.

A privately held company located in the Silicon Valley, SS8 is head-quartered in Milpitas, California, and offers a worldwide reach with offices and partners around the globe.

Top Layer Networks
2400 Computer Drive
Westboro, MA 01581

DCFD (Data Collection Filtering Device)

Data Access, Filtering, and Delivery Device for IP Interception Applications

Lawfully authorized electronic surveillance (LAES - sometimes referred to as "wiretapping" or "lawful intercept") is a critically important law enforcement tool that police and other authorized government agencies use to investigate and prosecute criminals. LAES is the collection of (1) the contents of communications; and/or (2) communication identifying information. With the rapid growth of IP based networks (such as the Internet), criminals and terrorists have started using IP based applications for communications (email, chat, instant messaging, voice over IP, FTP, etc…) instead of voice. A clear need has emerged to create products and standards that can enable surveillance of IP based communications. Top Layer's richly constructed DCFD 3500 product line can be used as the IP Intercept Access Point (IAP) to address the need for interception.

An IP Interception architecture typically includes a combination of the following components:

1. Provisioning and warrant management system

a. Configures/provisions intercept access points, and manages warrants (authorizations).
b. Intercept access point (IAP) (such as the DCFD 3500)

2. Accesses data.

a. Filters based on targeting information.
b. Delivers data to either a mediation device or collector.

3. Mediation device

a. Collects filtered information from multiple IAPs in same area.
b. Sometimes configures IAPs, by getting information from provisioning system.
c. Formats information, and converts data to correct delivery protocol to collectors.
d. Converts events to reports, and delivers matching content and IRI info.

4. Collection function

a. Located at LEA site, it collects information from mediation devices (sometimes from IAPs) and stores it on disk in a database format.

5. Analysis function

a. Decodes information stored in collectors and presents it in user readable form.
b. Capabilities for detailed reporting and intelligent analysis.

Verint Systems, Inc.
330 South Service Road
Melville, NY 11747

STAR-GATE helps service comply with ETSI, CALEA, and other lawful interception regulations and standards.

Verint offers reliable, cost-effective solutions for communications service provider compliance with lawful interception standards and regulations without the technical and financial obstacles that might otherwise occur. With Verint STAR-GATE, service providers can access communications on virtually any type of network and query and deliver content and data in compliance with regional and national lawful interception mandates.

The STAR-GATE Lawful Interception Compliance Portfolio

Verint offers STAR-GATE lawful interception compliance solutions for operators of every size, including STAR-GATE LI for tier 1 service providers and STAR-GATE Lite for 2/3 service providers. STAR-GATE Lawful Interception solutions provide administration, access, and delivery of intercepted communications in compliance with CALEA, ETSI, 3GPP, PacketCable, and other regional and country-specific lawful interception regulations and standards.

Comprehensive Lawful Interception Compliance

Verint lawful interception solutions perform all of the following tasks to help service providers more easily and fully comply with regional and national regulations and standards:

* Define target assignments and destination parameters.
* Collect intercepted data from the network.
* Convert messages into the required lawful interception format.
* Deliver intercepted communications to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
* Control system security and monitor system activity.
* Maintain and monitor system operations.

VeriSign, Inc.
487 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043

NetDiscovery Subpoena Processing and Handling offers service providers the ability to outsource the process of responding to law enforcement requests for subscriber profile and historical call detail records or subpoenas. This unique service includes the basic process of receiving a legal request from a law enforcement agency (LEA) or civil authority, legal review and determination of information required under various federal and state jurisdictions, information collection, and packaging and delivering to the requesting authority. This outsourced solution offers improved efficiency through automation and higher levels of security through use of digital certificates and paperless processes.

The NetDiscovery Security Office is staffed with experts who are trained to validate and process legal orders and subpoena requests on the behalf of our service provider customers. VeriSign works with each service provider’s unique requirements to establish cost-effective network connectivity and a user access model ensuring the highest levels of network security. Through an IP/VPN connection, the security office staff will access subscriber and call detail information from the service provider’s network, and consolidate the data into a single format, providing it back to the requesting authority. A legal review of all subpoena requests is conducted by paralegal subject matter experts. The VeriSign Security Officer approves all subpoena requests prior to authorizing extraction of subscriber information.


And others

[Narus equipment services the allegedly illegal NSA domestic US wiretapping program.]

500 Logue Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043

Narus Federal
12020 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 100
Reston, VA 20191

NarusInsight™ Intercept Suite

NarusInsight Intercept Suite (NIS) provides real-time, surgically precise targeting, allowing full IP session reconstruction and visibility of targeted traffic.

A critical concern of those conducting network surveillance is ensuring the comprehensive collection of targeted data while simultaneously attending to issues related to privacy, traceability, and authentication. Put simply, it is essential to capture all targeted data, but nothing else.

NarusInsight Intercept Suite (NIS) enables capture of packet-level, flow-level and application-level usage information along with complete session packets for forensic analysis, surveillance or for satisfying regulatory compliance.

IP Fabrics,Inc.
14976 NW Greenbrier Parkway
Beaverton, OR 97006

DeepSweep for CALEA

The industry's first self-contained solution for Broadband and VoIP CALEA compliance.

The DeepSweep-1 for CALEA is a high-performance, self-contained network surveillance system with Broadband and VoIP compliance. Ideal for small and medium-sized cable operators, ISPs and VoIP networks, a single DeepSweep system functions as the complete CALEA compliance solution, providing the probe, mediation/delivery, and administration functions - most commonly implemented as separate devices. Furthermore, DeepSweep offers users compliance and safe harbor by implementing multiple industry standards, including ATIS-1000013-2007 (T1.IAS), ATIS-1000021, T1.678 v2, and CableLabs CBIS.

DeepSweep-1 and DeepSweep-10

The Industry's only self-contained network surveillance systems for 1Gbps and 10Gbps IP networks

The DeepSweep-1 and DeepSweep-10 are very powerful, configurable appliances for inspecting network traffic and appropriately acting on traffic of interest. Traffic can be inspected at all layers of network protocols using complex constructs such as protocol filters, complex classification databases, white/black host lists, and signature databases. Once interesting traffic has been detected, the DeepSweep provides a flexible set of actions, such as recording the traffic in a local file, encapsulating and transmitting the packet to another computer, generating SNMP alerts, transmitting to a local or remote Surveillance Module, passing to a locally-residing user application, or simply reflecting out a network port.

DeepProbe-1 and DeepProbe-10 (available in summer 2009)

The industry's only intelligent surveillance probes for 1Gbps and 10Gbps IP networks!

The IP Fabrics DeepProbe™ is the latest member of the DeepSweep™ family of networks surveillance systems and functions as an intelligent probe under the control of a separate surveillance element such as a mediation system. Designed to be used in distributed surveillance environments, the DeepProbe is ideal for monitoring large and complex networks. DeepProbe has the capability to fully inspect every network packet, so the controlling mediation systems don’t need to rely on CMTSs, switches, routers or other probes for filtering and intercept.

Solera Networks
355 South 520 West
Suite 225
Lindon, Utah 84042

The 1U Solera CALEA Appliance is capable of capturing at OC12 data rates, has onboard storage capacity of 1 TB, and is designed to be deployed via a SPAN port or network TAP, allowing for streamlined and invisible network packet capture. Solera’s CALEA Appliance and included software:

* Provides LEA collector capability
* Supports CMII packet annotation and forwarding
* Provides full 7X24 packet capture with dynamic TAP filtering capability
* Provides TAP forwarding of captured data to LEAs via TCP/IP or VPN
* Can provide historical views of network traffic
* Provides greater ROI as a dual purpose device that also protects your own network while waiting for a lawful intercept request

Ipogue GmbH
Mozartstr. 3
04107 Leipzig

DPX Network Probe

Comprehensive Lawful Interception (LI) and Monitoring in Broadband Networks

* Wire speed lawful interception and network surveillance
* Full layer-7 traffic classification using deep packet inspection (DPI) with support for encrypted protocols
* Powerful protocol- and keyword-based interception rules
* Stream buffer for complete session interception
* Intelligent data reduction at interception point
* Seamless integration in any LI infrastructures, e.g. CALEA, ETSI
* Comprehensive network statistics
* Full IPDR & CDR generation for all network flows

ipoque DPX Network Probe is a passive probe system for lawful interception and network monitoring purposes. It uses ipoque’s deep packet inspection technology to classify network flows according to their application protocol. Based on user-definable rules, content and signaling data of these flows can be recorded and forwarded to external devices such as mediation systems for further processing. These rules comprise target information including IP addresses, Radius user names, protocol-specific filtering criteria and arbitrary content keywords.

EDI Enterprises
5100 Thimsen Ave., Suite 1
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Teletraffic Cop CALEA is a value-priced, windows-based system that monitors VoIP traffic and generates lawful intercept information for presentation to a law enforcement agency.


* GUI interface to set up intercept cases.
* Passively monitors VoIP traffic.
* Extracts both VoIP signaling and bearer traffic.
* Presents CALEA data in an ATIS-PP-1000678.2006-compliant format to requesting law enforcement agency.
* Internal database logging of monitored traffic for post processing.

EDI Enterprises offers service options that include installation, training, and configuration as well as the development of custom reports. By matching the pricing to the size of a service provider's network, Teletraffic Cop CALEA offers a solution that can fit any budget.

218 Grahams Road
Christchurch 8053
New Zealand

NetResident is a network content monitoring program that captures, stores, analyzes, and reconstructs network events such as e-mail messages, Web pages, downloaded files, instant messages and VoIP conversations. NetResident uses advanced monitoring technology to capture the data on the network, saves it to a database, reconstructs it, and displays this content in an easy-to-understand format.

NetResident is used by network administrators to enforce IT policy, by parents to monitor their children’s communication on the Internet, and by forensic experts to gain crucial information.

Be sure to read our white paper, Promiscuous Monitoring in Ethernet and Wi-Fi Networks, that examines the problems related to the deployment and usage of software-based network monitoring solutions in wired and wireless LANs. It demonstrates the methods of achieving network traffic visibility in various network configurations that include hubs, switches, routers, etc.

1030, Avenue Guillibert de la Lauzière
Les Milles - BP 140000
13794 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3


Tactital interception based on EAGLE core technology

SMINT is a tactical system designed to record, store, analyze and display in real time information. This system is able to monitor a wide range of protocols, including mail, voice over IP (VoIP), webmail, chat, web browsing …


Strategic nationwide interception based on EAGLE core technology

The strategic system is designed to answer to the need of interception and surveillance on a scale of nation. The central database is able to aggregate information coming from different type of sensors and also to be connected to external database to cross reference information.


NetTap is a system allowing the acquisition on the analog link of the data IP which pass in transit on the ADSL links.

6 Beckett Way
Park West Business Park
Dublin 12

Data Retention

Matters of security are paramount today. Corporate policies and government regulations mandate that communications service providers monitor the use of their services. Your company can ensure compliance with the Openet Data Retention solution. Built upon the industry-leading Openet FusionWorks Platform, it efficiently captures and enriches network usage data to provide affordable, accurate, and timely reporting in response to government legal requests and policies. And it supports real-time network activity monitoring and investigative analysis of both circuit-switched and packet-based voice and data communications services across wireline, wireless, and cable networks.

Enable Rapid Response to Threats

Threats to security do not stop for data collection. Fortunately, the underlying FusionWorks Platform surpasses government requirements for timely access to data. It allows you to respond to government legal requests immediately, increasing the likelihood of identifying and thwarting network usage that could potentially lead to terrorist and other criminal activities.

FireDigit bvba
Verzusteringslaan 26
9100 Sint-Niklaas

Lawful Intercept

To comply with the new European directive an internet provider must keep track of the websites visited by the subscriber. This directive implies that a provider has to be able to retrieve who surfed to a specific IP-address / port at a given time.

In case of internet abuse on a hotspot, the owner of the hotspot could be accused. That´s why FireDigit developed the Lawful Intercept Module. If necessary, FireDigit´s lawful intercept-module can quickly trace the violator, so the hotspot owner will be covered at all time.

How does it work? The HotSpot Manager consists of reporting feature that reports all user activity at a specific time interval. The Lawful Intercept-module creates a database of IP-adresses visited by every user. Meaning that, for legal reasons, the history (date, time, duration…) of IP-addresses visited, can be traced. Note that only IP-addresses are stored and no content, this is to guarantee the privacy of the subscriber.

Newport Networks
Castlegate Business Park
Monmouthshire NP26 5AA
United Kingdom

Newport Networks offers a complete Lawful Interception solution for VoIP service providers. Our solution enables service providers to meet existing and pending regulatory requirements for the FCC in the USA and national requirements within Europe.

It has become increasingly clear recently that VoIP services will be expected to provide Lawful Intercept and Emergency Call Handling services to the same level experienced in the PSTN. The FCC in North America for example has mandated that both emergency calls and Lawful Intercept must be available; the deadline for achieving CALEA Lawful Intercept compliance is May 2007. Whilst not all countries mandate this capability, any network operator building a publicly available voice or multimedia over IP service today will need to plan a network which is flexible enough to implement these regulatory services in the future. In addition, multimedia services provide additional information on the user which may be useful to agencies, for example; picture id, video, or instant messaging. This will expand the regulatory requirements placed on the operator. The Newport Networks 1460 provides the following regulatory services today:

1. Lawful Interception: must be performed without the user being aware of any change in their normal communications. With media and signalling passing through the Newport 1460 and intercept occurring on the core network side of the device, intercept can be performed in a completely undetectable manner. Newport's solution is a complete turn-key system providing VoIP service providers with CALEA or ETSI compliant lawful interception capabilities. The solution provides the Intercept Access Point (IAP), the Administration Function and the Mediation Function.

Intercept related information (to, from etc) and media information is passed into the mediation device to format the retrieved data into national requirements. The Newport Networks Lawful Intercept implementation meets and exceeds the requirements of CALEA and ETSI. Please contact us for country specific information.

104 Dawson Road

Lawful Interception

Lawful Interception (LI) is a legally endorsed security process, stipulating that network or service operators are to provide Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) access to the private communications of individuals or organizations for the purpose of detecting illegal, criminal and potential terrorist acts.

LI was originally designed to monitor postal and telegraph communications. However, with the technological advancements of today’s society, governments are reinforcing LI to include other more common forms of communication occurring over wireless/mobile networks and even more so, the Internet. Email, web-chat, e-commerce, broadband streaming, web-based information services and even ‘phone calls’ over the Internet (VoIP), make the Internet and even greater risk to the safety of our society due to the complexities in tracking the transfer of data and privacy concerns.

Netsweeper and Lawful Interception

Should governments have the right to intercept or monitor the private Internet usage of its country’s citizens?

The topic of LI, as it pertains to the Internet, has been and will continue to be a highly debated issue. Netsweeper does not actively support either argument; however, Netsweeper is uniquely positioned to assist service providers and regulators in adhering to the LI regulations imposed by their government bodies.

Netsweeper offers an industry leading, Core network-based software solution that can monitor, filter and/or block the Internet requests on its network, if it so chooses. Netsweeper’s unique architecture provides effective, flexible services-over-IP monitoring and filtering through a series of Internet-connected servers that can provide Administration and can access one of the largest URL databases of any IP filtering provider. Netsweeper houses most of the filtering technology in secure and redundant locations, so a service provider needs only to set up a Netsweeper Policy Server and an Enterprise Filter to manage its unique network use and traffic flow requirements. With expert Networking, authentication, and redundancy capabilities along with centralized administration and integrated reporting tools, the Netsweeper solution provides immediate access to an endless array of information that can be disseminated as required.

Septier Communications, Inc.
Yegia Kapaim 21c
Petach Tikva

Lawful Interception

The advances in telecommunication and IP technologies mount a challenging assignment for law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world. Septier products are built to intercept, mediate, store and analyze traditional and next generation communications arriving at high volumes. This capability is performed through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology and latest standard based software architecture.

Septier Monitoring Center solutions can be deployed and configured to adapt to ever changing and evolving customer needs and requirements. In addition Septier Cellular Location products can complement the installation and add a critical dimension to the intelligence picture.

Septier Monitoring Center and Mediation solutions are built to support recognized international standards such as:

ETSI - ES 201671, TS 101671, TS 102232-3, GSM 01-3.33, 3GPP 33.106-8; CALEA - TIA JSTD 025-A, B

Relying on these standards allow for simple system integration with different vendors that supply core network elements.

Intelligence Gathering

UMTS Interception
GSM & GPRS Interception
CDMA Interception
ILD & NLD Interception
PSTN Interception
IPLC Interception
NGN Interception
Internet Interception
Wi-Fi Interception

CommuniGate Systems
655 Redwood Hwy, Ste 275
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Stalker Software Provides Support for Lawful Intercept Compliance

New Features in CommuniGate Pro Messaging Server Help Internet Service Providers Adhere to Existing and Emerging Communications Monitoring Regulations

MILL VALLEY, Calif., (June 2, 2004)-Stalker Software, Inc., the technology leader in messaging solutions, today announced that CommuniGate Pro v4.1 includes features that support customer compliance with lawful intercept laws. The new features enable Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers to more easily comply with regulations requiring ISPs to monitor and report messaging activities of certain individuals. The lawful intercept features of CommuniGate Pro v4.1 enable ISPs to meet government compliance easily and cost-effectively.

In response to today's heightened sensitivity about national security and the proliferating use of technology in criminal activity, many governments have enacted laws that require ISPs to record and report communications of certain individuals to law enforcement agencies. Currently in effect in Germany and soon to be implemented by governments globally, these laws require ISPs to record usage information and message content in addition to requiring that the information is reported to law enforcement agencies in formats that are compliant with the specifications determined by each government. In some countries, governments can disallow communications companies to continue business operations if interception and monitoring capabilities are not in place.

The Lawful Intercept features of CommuniGate Pro v4.1 allow ISPs to monitor and record incoming and outgoing messages and user login and usage data. CommuniGate Pro v4.1 compiles and relays this data to external tools which enable ISPs to translate recorded data to meet their government requirements regardless of which country the end users reside in-a feature of particular significance to those ISPs with customers in many countries. With these features as part of their existing messaging structure, administrators are now able to efficiently retrieve the requested information, compile and submit information to law enforcement agencies.


The solutions reflect Alcatel-Lucent's ongoing philosophy of meeting the challenges of lawful interception in a highly systematic, service-oriented and cost-attractive manner over networks supporting a diversity of voice and IP services.

Alcatel-Lucent Value Proposition: making available Lawful Interception capabilities across evolving networks domains (TDM, NGN/IMS, IP) and Standards (CALEA, ETSI, 3GPP) …

Alcatel-Lucent adapts standard interface to the Government Authorities current needs and manage transition periods with minimized impact for Network Operators.

Economic Benefits

Cost Efficiency:

* Central management of all interception activities in heterogeneous legacy networks
* Scalable architecture that enables cost-efficient solutions from small to very large nationwide communication networks
* Simple & independent integration into existing networks
* Constant alignment on just required capacity

Deployment, Management, End-user Benefits

The Alcatel-Lucent solution simplifies the way Lawful Interception works on the operator’s networks:

A- Compliance

* Surveillance of all common telecommunication services in real-time : Voice, fax, data, VoIP , High Speed Internet (WEB browsing, e-mail, Peer to Peer,…)
* Complies with Regulatory requirements in numerous countries worldwide
* Conform to international lawful interception standards: CALEA, ETSI, 3GPP

B- Reliability

* Alcatel-Lucent core network evolution seamlessly handles performance & reliability with no impact on the network or interfaces
* Constant evolution towards newest standards & technologies in cooperation with Regulatory Authorities, Standardization Bodies, LEMF (Law Enforcement Management Facility) and monitoring center providers

C- Security and Confidentiality

* Undetectable by end users
* Transparent for any services deployed in the Communications Network
* Access limited to authorized operators

VOCAL Technologies, Inc.
90A John Muir Drive
Amherst, New York 14228

Lawful Interception

VOCAL's Lawful Interception Fax monitoring module includes a Fax decoder for both standard faxes as well as machines that make use of manufacturer specific T.30 'Non-Standard Facilities' (NSF) features. Accurate image recovery is ensured through blind data retrieval and consistency checks, avoiding possible compatibility issues with non-standard fax machines.

The Fax decoder can operate at multiple sample rates, including 16 KHz, in order to ensure the highest input signal quality. VOCAL has substantial experience with recording technologies and can advise in the proper configuration of your recording system.

For important recordings with insufficient signal quality, manual intervention may be able to recover some or all of the relevant data. Please contact us if you have specific interests or requirements in this area.

VOCAL's Fax monitoring module has been deployed worldwide to assist law enforcement officials and government institutions in their activities. It allows effective security monitoring of fax communications in real-time or of previously obtained recordings.


VOCAL's Lawful Interception modules include functionality to:

* Operates on both real-time and recorded data
* Automatically classify traffic by type, including voice, data, FAX, and non-standard or custom types
* Extract DTMF/MF tones and pulse dial information
* Extract caller ID data
* Extract almost any modem data from four-wire recordings
* Extract non-echo-cancelled modem data from two-wire recordings
* Extract page images of fax conversations

MERA Systems, Inc.
15 Wertheim Court, Suite 303
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B3H7

NetBeholder — Lawful Interception and Surveillance System

Over the past years, the increasing popularity and accessibility of the Internet has caused a dramatic shift in the way people share information. Today, Internet, e-mail, instant messaging and IP Telephony have put a whole new world of communication at our fingertips.

At the same time, these ingenious and sophisticated technologies are often used to promote crime, violence and terror, which compromise the values of human society. To prevent such threats, law enforcers and security authorities must keep well in advance of the technology curve.

With over decade of cutting-edge expertise in telecom software development, MERA Systems offers the best technological approach to implementation of the IP network surveillance and monitoring technology.

MERA's comprehensive IP data and voice interception solutions will help Law Enforcement Agencies fully control the security of the Internet and be always ahead of crime's next move in the new world of IP-based communication.

Unispeed A/S
Engvej 139
DK-2300 Copenhagen S.

lawful interception

Unispeed has developed solutions for lawful interception since year 2000. Our equipment offers unmatched flexibility in terms of tracking criminal activity on the network. Filters and thresholds can be applied at any protocol level including searching for strings in attachments, instant messages, file transfers etc. The generic trigger functionalities adds intelligence to Unispeed products as it allows the user to expand or redefine search patterns automatically.

Macro analysis for criminal investigators

* Count and display visits to web sites, mail addresses or chat rooms
* Analyse traffic flowing through the network with respect to volume and geographic origin
* Disclose and monitor new web sites, mail servers or chat rooms
* Create statistics and trends for network usage across ports and protocols
* Generate check sum from intercepted files ( Video, pictures or documents) and compare the result with data previously identified due to the content. (Child porn pictures, training and instructional videos and manuals etc.)

Polaris Wireless
5201 Great America Parkway
Suite 440 Santa Clara, CA 95054

Lawful Interception

In almost every country in the world, wireless service providers are required to enable the monitoring of voice calls and data sessions, termed Lawful Interception (LI), for use by government agencies in criminal investigations and antiterrorist measures. The Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS™) technology is an ideal solution for adding valuable location data to this LI information.

Today, LI applications focus purely on intercepting content and have very low accuracy location context provided by cell tower location techniques like Cell-ID (CID) or Enhanced Cell-ID (ECID). This can render the applications ineffective because the target's actual location is relatively unknown; whereas, with accurate location data the LI mission can be accomplished with a much higher success rate. Using GPS for LI applications is not feasible because it does not work indoors and in dense urban areas, and the target user has the option to disable GPS location tracking capabilities on their phone. Location technologies such as multi-lateration (UTDOA) require radio hardware on every cell tower making it extremely cost intensive with a large degree of complexity in terms of deployment and maintenance. Polaris WLS™ is the only high accuracy, software-only location technology that is low cost, scalable, and reliably provides high accuracy across all types of environments. Besides high accuracy (sub 50m) and scalability, one of the key unique features of WLS is its ability to perform mass (bulk) location of all subscribers, on a near real-time basis, enabling applications such as mass interception along with post-event analytics. Polaris WLS in conjunction with its intelligent zone services software platform also powers border zone interception with a high degree of precision.

Telecommunications & Information Technology S.A.
124, Kifissias Avenue
115 26 Athens

Lawful Interception System

With more than ten years of experience in signalling systems, protocol analysis & troubleshooting, network monitoring and surveillance, TELETEL delivers cost effective solutions for Lawful Interception requirements according to International Standards.

TELETEL's Lawful Interception Solutions are based on an intelligent, advanced and flexible multi-platform environment suitable for Network Operators and Law Enforcement Agents (LEAs) to perform voice and data Lawful Interception (LI).

The solutions consist of various modules including Mediation Devices, Monitoring Centres and Interception Management Centres which are suitable for wireline and cellular networks (PSTN, ISDN PRI/BRI, IP, VoIP, NGN, GSM/GPRS).

The Lawful Interception solutions are based on rack mount and portable platforms, conform to International Standards (ETSI, CALEA) and are customisable to meet any Operators requirements or LEA proprietary specifications.

Immeuble Le Cardinet
5, impasse Chalabre
75017 Paris

Lawful Interception (LI)

With the development of the Internet, criminals have started to use new communication means such as chats, blogs or Webmail and are even hijacking applications such as online gaming to hide communications. Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) therefore need ways to tap all Internet communications for their investigations.

Qosmos solution

Qosmos provides LEAs and Lawful Intercept system suppliers with a powerful solution to identify a target using multiple identifiers and intercept all its IP-based communications. Intercept is initiated when a trigger such as “user login = TARGET” is detected across several Web applications such as Skype or Webmail. When a target is identified, the entire IP traffic related to the corresponding IP address is intercepted.


For LI suppliers

* Focus on core competence by outsourcing advanced protocol and application expertise to identify targets more accurately
* Improved time-to-market by embedding powerful target detection technology

For Law Enforcement Agencies

* Detect targets more accurately in the complex environment of IP communications
* Launch interception more rapidly and be sure to keep a full copy of all IP communications

NICE Systems Ltd
8 Hapnina Street
P.O Box 690
43107 Ra'anana

Lawful Interception

About NiceTrack

NICE Systems provides Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with mission critical Lawful Interception solutions to support the fight against organized crime, drug trafficking and terror.

NiceTrack offers a user-centric working environment to maximize the efficiency of the lawful interception process. We deliver a complete suite of operational tools and applications to ensure that meaningful information is delivered to operational staff in real-time. NiceTrack products are fully compliant with ETSI, CALEA and other international lawful interception standards and regulations. By utilizing NiceTrack technology, LEAs can keep pace with rapid technology developments and evolving legislative requirements.

For further information, select one of the following links:

* Interception and Mediation
* Monitoring Center
* Traffic Analysis
* Professional Services

Telesoft Technologies Ltd
Observatory House
DT11 9LQ
United Kingdom

Lawful Interception Standards

Lawful Interception (LI) is a legal requirement where both the signalling and bearer channels are monitored in real-time to assist in the fight against crime and terrorism. The monitored signalling and bearer channels get switched to a recording device based on a user-configurable dynamic target database.

There are three main standards which passive probes use to egress data back to the collection equipment, these are:


ETSI 201 671 is the European standard for PSTN lawful interception. It covers the provisioning of target data and the handover interface to the customer. Telesoft Technologies HINTON product provides full adherence to this specification for PSTN and GSM networks, including the tracking of subscribers between base stations, and acquisition of location data and SMS data.


Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement (CALEA , J-STD-025 ) is a law, introduced by the US government in 1994, to provide definition on the requirements of communication services providers to provide wiretap capabilities to law enforcement agencies. The CALEA interface is suported by Telesoft Technologies HINTON product.


SORM is a standard for Lawful Interception interfaces, predominantly used in Russia. The Telesoft Technologies HINTON product supports this interface, including the sophisticated provisioning and egress trunk partitioning components.

Telesoft Technologies Icon HINTON Interceptor

The HINTON Interceptor is a scalable passive probe solution for Lawful Intercept, Homeland Security...

Telesoft Technologies Icon HINTON Interceptor - Survey Tools

A range of signalling analysis tools are available with the HINTON Interceptor to aid in the operation...

Telesoft Technologies Icon HINTON Locator

The HINTON Locator is a passive monitoring probe that can be connected to any mobile network to give...

Telesoft Technologies Icon HINTON Monitor

The HINTON Monitor allows system integrators (SIs) and OEMs to provide a wide range of value added and...

Telesoft Technologies Icon HINTON Decoder

The HINTON Decoder derives data from the signalling messages within a monitored telephony network. As...

Siemens AG
D-80833 München

Lawful Interception (Monitoring Center, Intelligence Platform)


Governments have a mandate to protect the innocent and prosecute the offender, to foster the well-being of law-abiding citizens, to secure peace and prosperity and to safeguard the rule of law.

Nonetheless, judging from terrorist attacks in the recent past, criminal groups have established global links which enable them to carry out their activities and continue to take advantage of the blessings of technological progress. They exploit open borders which make trafficking easy. And they have the financial resources to buy the latest digital communications technology with which they can coordinate their worldwide activities and escape detection. Therefore it is essential to do everything to secure peace and prosperity among individuals, families and nations. Good governance takes advantage of technological progress to achieve this aim.

Authorized groups need to have direct access to communications between suspects, whether it is individuals, groups or organizations. Only then can they take appropriate action, detect, prevent and anticipate crimes and guarantee peace and security.

Technological progress has changed our world fundamentally. Modern telecommunications networks are highly complex and extremely difficult to control: fiber-optic cables, radio waves and satellites encircle the globe and provide a host of transmission options for analog and digital signals. Because of the rapid increase and the ubiquitous use of IP and the Internet, the future will be characterized by even greater mobility and increased use of data communications. Therefore, communications monitoring requires highly sophisticated, multi-level voice and data recordings.

Our Solution

The graphic below demonstrates the complete spectrum Siemens VDR is able to provide to governmental institutions in the field of communication and intelligence.

[Graphic omitted.]

Monitoring Center

* One Monitoring Center for all networks, vendors, and technologies
* To support tasks in the fields of
- Target Monitoring
- Service Monitoring

Worldwide, Siemens occupies a unique position since it is the only supplier of telecommunications networks which provides its own Monitoring Center with the capability to incorporate all other network vendors. Its design permits integration within all telecommunications networks which use any type of modern standardized equipment compatible with ETSI recommendation (e.g. Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia, Nortel, Lucent, Huawei).

With the Monitoring Center by Siemens, customers can play safe and yet always stay in the lead by opting for direct access to innovation worldwide and the organizational, financial, logistical and infrastructural strength of a global player.

The Monitoring Center by Siemens is the ideal monitoring tool for current technologies and next-generation communications of all types.

Because of its unique background, Siemens VDR not only keeps pace with the latest developments but also enables authorized groups to remain one step ahead.

Intelligence Platform

* One Platform to integrate and analyse any information from any source
* To support tasks in the fields of
- Intelligent Analyses
- Case Management
- Forensics

The problem we face today is not about data collection; it is about data analysis. It is not about obtaining and accessing data, but about connecting the dots, putting information in context and drawing conclusions about its implications. The key factor that may transform information into actionable intelligence is analysis.

With the help of the Siemens Intelligence Platform, analysts may find meaning amongst enormous reams of irrelevant data. The Intelligence Platform is a means to organize disparate pieces of information for the Law Enforcement and Security Agencies and decision makers to act upon them.

The Siemens Intelligence Platform is the intelligent analytical tool for analysts who assist decision makers to fulfill their mandate: to identify and predict trends, patterns or problem areas requiring action.

Following are sponsors of:

Intelligence Support Systems for Lawful Interception, Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Gathering, 24-29 February 2009, Dubai.

Nokia Siemens Networks

Our track record gives evidence of our deep understanding of security issues inside military, MOI and other security-sensitive organizations. We believe ourselves to be the best experts in the global field of intelligence solutions. And we are proud of our excellent, long term customer relationships which are based on mutual trust, reliability and stability

In our worldwide Monitoring Center projects, training, service and consultancy have always been a mainstay. As we strive to become the global number one in unreserved customer satisfaction, we have now formalized these aspects into our '24/365 Lifecycle Management'.

With a growing customer base in over 160 countries across five continents, Nokia Siemens Networks is globally one of the three most important telecom suppliers. This means that we belong to one of the world's largest network communications companies with a leading position in all key markets.

Making the world safer...

...with trend-setting intelligence solutions


AQSACOM develops and markets real time Lawful interception, Data retention, mobility tracking and surveillance solutions. AQSACOM, provides end-to-end turnkey solutions for fulfilling lawful interception and data retention requirements anywhere in the world, especially over highly heterogeneous networking and services environments

Lawful Interception is our core business with 14 years of experiences in developing and deploying Li systems for governments' law enforcements agencies and carriers in over 30 countries.


The ATIS systems group has a 60-year track record in recording technology and a 15-year track record in integrated lawful interception. With its solutions ATIS is a key technology partner for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), members of the public safety community, network operators and network equipment vendors.


Ericsson is shaping the future of Fixed and Mobile Broadband communications through its continuous technology leadership. Providing innovative solutions in more than 175 countries, Ericsson is helping to create the most successful communication companies in the world. Ericsson offers state of the art Data Retention and Lawful Interception Solutions.

ETI Group

The ETI Group is a leading global provider of integrated LI solutions for law enforcement and telecom/internet service providers. The ETI group specialises in LI and Data Retention solutions that provide future proof and scalable platforms for acquiring information from multiple sources and ensure compliance with national and international standards and regulations.

Gamma International

Gamma International is proud to present its EXCLUSIVE FINFISHER portfolio of IT intrusion tools at the ISS World EMEA Dubai 2009. The FinFisher portfolio is designed to help government agencies remotely access and monitor a target's computer covertly. Basic functionalities include Skype monitoring, chat logging, keystroke recording, and accessing deleted files. FinFisher is highly sensitive and only for sale to authorized government end-users. For more information contact:


Kommlabs established in 1995 provides Interception solutions to Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies and Communication Service Providers and help them to meet the challenges by providing end-to-end Lawful Interception and Mass Interception solutions for Circuit Switched and Packet Switched communication. We provide Passive Mass Interception Systems for Satellite, Undersea cable and Microwave etc. The solutions for Countrywide Monitoring Centre Networks include - Cellular (UMTS, GSM, EVDO & CDMA), Fixed Line, Long Distance (TDMA & VoIP) and Internet. Tactical Intercept Solutions include - Passive GSM - A5.1, Semi-Active GSM - A5.1/A5.2, Active GSM, xDSL and WiFi.

OraTech Technology Systems (Turkey)

OraTech Technology Systems has a specialist information and knowledge about Private & Secret Improved Telecommunication Solution Topics for Intelligence & Security Systems, System Integration, Project Management & Consulting and Data Management & Security and gives professional consulting with its experienced experts to its customers internationally.

Qosmos (France)

Qosmos provides software and hardware platforms that extract information traveling over networks in real time with unparalleled precision and depth. The technology has been designed for use in critical applications such as lawful interception, data retention and regulatory compliance. It enables LEAs, System Integrators, Equipment Providers and Software Vendors to enhance their solutions with detailed network intelligence to better monetize, optimize or protect networked information.


Spectronic is one the world's leading suppliers of highly advanced mission-critical surveillance and communications interception equipment for government agencies, providing solutions for intercepting and decoding various types of communication methods and protocols. Our solutions are of modular design, allowing us the flexibility to deliver complete turn-key monitoring centers, or decoding components that can be integrated into existing systems.

SS8 (United States)

SS8 is a leader in communications intercept and a worldwide provider of regulatory compliant, electronic intercept and surveillance solutions. Headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Milpitas, California, SS8 has a global reach and is an independent provider of regulatory-compliant electronic surveillance solutions that have been deployed in over 25 countries for the largest wire-line, wireless, cable, VoIP and satellite service providers. These voice and data installations can intercept more than 100 million subscribers, and serve local, regional and national law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide. SS8 products are sold and supported both directly and through OEM partnerships.

Suntech (Portugal)

Suntech specializes in providing lawful interception and data retention solutions and services, to rapidly and cost effectively, comply with ETSI and local mandates. With over 10 years experience in the telecommunication industry, Suntech technology is used industry-wide by major network elements vendors, underlining Suntech's capability, flexibility and low cost development.

Telesoft Technologies (United Kingdom)

Telesoft Technologies products allow intelligence agencies, system integrators and service providers to extract information from fixed, 2/3G mobile and packet networks. Our universal passive probes extract call content, signalling and location information for use by monitoring applications. Over 250 operators in more than 100 countries use our equipment ensuring wide protocol compatibility and seamless connection of your applications to real world systems.


ThorpeGlen TMS provides Data Extraction and Analysis solutions to Law Enforcement and National Security using large data collectors and a central intelligence system. ThorpeGlen's predictive intelligence capability discovers new communication devices used by criminals and once new devices are identified, the TMS will track the position of that equipment.


TruePosition is the world's leading provider of location determination and intelligence solutions for the safety and national security markets. TruePosition provides high-accuracy location information for any phone in any environment, offering insightful intelligence and delivering powerful solutions that enable private enterprises and government agencies to protect people, combat crime, and save lives like never before.


Celebrating its 25th year of business, Utimaco is a leading global provider of data security solutions, enabling mid- to large-size organizations to safeguard their data assets against intentional or accidental data loss, and to comply with privacy laws. Since 1994 Utimaco has been developing lawful interception systems for mobile and fixed network operators and Internet service providers. Utimaco LIMS™ is installed and successful in operation with more than 130 operators in 60 countries.

And others (Spain) (France) (Taiwan)



Bivio Networks
4457 Willow Road, Suite 200
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Service Providers and certain government agencies are increasingly being required by order to design and deploy networks which support lawful intercept (LI) surveillance. Implementation of such processes require Bivio’s network appliance platforms to insure high throughput deep packet inspection and analysis while maintaining overall superior network performance.

LI requirements are robust and include:

* Secure access to protect information and insure network integrity
* Undetectable lawful interception
* Secure transport to authorized and lawful enforcement agencies (LEA)
* Multi-gigabit to multiple 10 Gigabit performance
* Scalability and high availability to accommodate changing network environments

With lawful intercept solutions delivered on Bivio’s network appliance platforms, NEMs, ISV, MSP,s and federal agencies are able to:

* Rapidly deploy solutions to meet mandated network security and traffic flow requirements
* Minimize application development integration time and cost applications
* Provide undetectable inline packet inspection and analysis
* Scale their security solutions to meet real time network requirements
* Easily integrate and partition additional commercial off the shelf or custom applications as required

212 Gibraltar Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

CloudShield provides a unique high-performance network computing platform capable of full packet and stream control at line-rates up to 20 Gbps. This includes full packet inspection and modification, from layers 2-7, with complete access to headers and payload. This is accomplished with negligible (tens of microseconds) latency and throughput up to millions of packets per second per processing blade. The carrier-grade platform is provisioned and controlled using standards-based, secure out-of-band management, and applications can be deployed and modified with no down-time.

This revolutionary platform, combined with CloudShield's open programming language, enables completely new applications, bringing software capabilities to the network.

CloudShield helps government customers, systems integrators, and independent software vendors address their most difficult problems in:

* Infrastructure Protection

o Domain Name Service (DNS) attack mitigation and response caching
o Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) update validation, prefix/subprefix-hijack protection
o Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack mitigation

* Network Situational Awareness

o 100% packet accurate NetFlow records, no sampling
o Snort-based IDS
o Passive host and service fingerprinting and vulnerability assessment
o Fully-customizable signature-based alerting

* Active In-line Control

o Ability to block, log, capture, and modify packets in real-time
o Configurations modifiable in real-time up to hundreds of times per second via out-of-band management

* Seamless Integration and Interoperability

o IPv4 to IPv6 Transition: Transparent interoperability to support migration to IPv6-only domains and clients
o Content-based Routing and flow control between disparate applications

* Bandwidth and Service Management

o Application control, including tracking, rate-limiting, or blocking

* Cross-Domain Solutions

o Partner-developed, accredited high-speed CDS for formatted message traffic
o Partner-developed prototypes for streaming media, chat, imagery, VoIP

CloudShield solutions are deployed in-line in many mission-critical networks throughout the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Pen-Link, Ltd.
5936 VanDervoort Drive
Lincoln, NE 68516

Limitless Collection

Anytime, anywhere, LINCOLN Software and Systems let you collect and record intercepted communications of any type - wireline, wireless, VoIP, 3G and IP. Pen-Link also provides the most complete product available to automatically load various formatted call, IP, and transaction records from a wide variety of communication and Internet service providers.

Seamless Integration

Anytime, anywhere, LINCOLN and Pen-Link have been engineered to work together, delivering some of the most powerful networked solutions for the collection, analysis, and distribution of intercepted communications. Get the intelligence to who needs it, when they need it, and where they need it, in real time!

Powerful Visualization

Anytime, anywhere, Pen-Link provides a robust case database to store, retrieve and visualize all case intelligence. IP session data and content are easily collected, stored, decoded, and reassembled into meaningful reports to visualize what a surveillance target is doing on the Internet.

Complete Analysis

Anytime, anywhere, Pen-Link software provides the most powerful and comprehensive suite of reporting and analytical tools for communications and related intelligence. User-defined analytical reports and graphical analysis tools for Link Charting, Timelines, Frequency Graphics, and GIS Location Mapping are just a few of the powerful features you will find in this all-in-one, industry standard software package.

NeuStar, Inc.
46000 Center Oak Plaza
Sterling, VA 20166

NeuStar’s experience with the majority of the switching platforms and network elements used throughout the industry enables us to assess the technical requirements to make a network CALEA compliant and rapidly implement a reliable solution.

Our comprehensive lawful intercept services minimize capital expenditures for non-core, non-revenue-generating electronic surveillance obligations imposed on service providers. Our proven Trusted Third Party (TTP) services leverage our deep domain expertise, proven lawful intercept technical solutions and proprietary legal compliance management processes to protect your organization from legal liabilities.

NeuStar's services include:

* A defined strategy and turn-key solution for end-to-end CALEA compliance for voice, VoIP and broadband Internet service
* Engineering support required to configure, provision and maintain the technical platforms required to satisfy CALEA and other electronic surveillance statues
* Management of CALEA filings and the review and validation of lawful intercept orders and emergency authorizations from LEAs
* A primary interface to the LEAs and prosecutors when a challenge to an order’s validity is required, or if a clarification of scope and reasonableness is necessary
* Full remittance of all reimbursements paid by LEAs for lawful intercept provisioning


Cox Communications






Sonus Networks
7 Technology Park Drive
Westford, MA 01886

Sonus Lawful Intercept Solution

For years, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) have used lawful intercept to track, capture and collect evidence of phone communications from known or suspected criminals. While it’s been a benefit to LEAs in their fight against crime, lawful intercept has presented unique challenges to carriers because of the complexity involved. With little warning, carriers need to be able to intercept calls to and from targeted parties, sometimes monitoring them over a period of months, forward the information securely in real-time to the respective law enforcement agency and accomplish all this in a way that’s invisible to the intercepted parties.

In the world of legacy circuit switches, lawful intercept is an expensive and time-consuming proposition. However, the very complexities of Lawful Intercept—sophisticated call routing, security, seamless interoperability—are the strengths of IP-voice. And that’s where Sonus Networks excels. Our lawful intercept solution leverages the world’s most advanced IP-voice core network and combines it with Verint® Systems’ STAR-GATE™ family of Lawful Interception Solutions.

STAR-GATE reduces compliance cost and complexity for service providers of every size. Built on Verint expertise from hundreds of lawful interception implementations worldwide, STAR-GATE accesses communications on virtually any type of network without alerting subscribers or disrupting service. STAR-GATE delivers communication information and content in compliance with ETSI, CALEA and other lawful interception mandates. And STAR-GATE provides a single point of administration to facilitate intercepts and queries on any combination of communication networks. The result is a robust system that delivers the sophisticated network intelligence and security that carriers need to comply with lawful intercept regulations.

Police Wire Tap Systems
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SyTech Corporation
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Alexandria, Virginia 22312