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4 August 2008


Anonymous sends material censored by court order:

Max Mosley's court case referred to Women "A" to "E" - the main players in
his innocent horseplay that had absolutely no Nazi overtones, contrary to
what was suggested by those naughty gutter journalists.

The S&M ladies' identities were protected with media "gagging" orders by his
legal thugs (excuse the pun).

Strange really, considering just how public domain they all are.

Can you spot them in these nice charity videos from Summer 2007?

Woman "A" was the chief arranger of his "parties" and worked as Mistress
Switch (but was confusingly also sometimes professionally known as Abi).

In this video she appears in yet another guise as Lady Penelope from
Thunderbirds (attached still from her defunct website).

Woman B was Zena Stones ... "a German spanker in London"

Woman C was Jadie Reece a regular spanking DVD starlet, as is:-

Woman D - Leia Ann Woods, the truly multi-talented Chemistry/Biophysics PhD
student and former ballerina

Woman E (who strangely didn't quite make it to court) was of course Mistress
Abi the wife of the MI5 officer.

She didn't need YouTube - she had her technology in her bra.