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23 November 2006. A sends:

Route driven from Huntland in Middleburg, VA, to Foxhall Capital Management in Alexandria, VA:

Birdseye view of Foxhall Capital Management:

Aerial view of Huntland:

22 November 2006. Add comments by A4.



21 November 2006. Add four additional comments by A.

20 November 2006

Add comments by A substantiating the account.

Add comments by A2 and A3 (extensive).

19 November 2006

This account could be fiction.

A sends:

About a year ago I worked for a man by the name of Paul Dietrich. I had just moved to Leesburg, Virginia, and was looking for work when I saw an ad in the Loudoun Times/Mirror for somebody looking for a driver. I called and arranged to meet with the man. He gave me directions to his house which happened to be in the rolling hills of Loudoun county's horse country five miles north of Middleburg.

I took a drive out to what turned out to be a rather large estate which was well known for it's fox-hunting history, lavishness and its previous owners. (Paul later divulged to me that he was merely renting the estate from billionaire Roy Ash, Nixon's head of OMB) I was a little taken aback by the opulence of the estate as we drove up to the front door of Huntland, formerly owned by George Brown, (Kellogg, Brown & Root) and used by LBJ as a "summer Whitehouse." Paul came out and greeted me at my vehicle. He gave us a tour of the house and told us about its rich history, (LBJ had his mistress there, LBJ had a heart attack there, Kennedy visited the estate often, as did Sam Rayburn, etc.)

As we were walking around Huntland we started noticing pictures of Mr. Dietrich with heads of state, Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, Gorbachev, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Nixon, Carter, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Jack Danforth (Paul was from Missouri, Seantor Jack Danforth was his mentor). Mrs. Dietrich was also in several of the pictures.

Paul is a lawyer and works as a capital investment adviser and handled accounts for King Juan Carlos of Spain, Gorbachev, Princess Diana and others.

I came to find out that while on the planning board for Pan-American Health Organization (World Health Organization) he was involved in subverting tobacco-awareness campaigns in South America for big tobacco companies.

[From the British American Tobacco Document Collection:]

He also told me that election-rigging in Loudoun county is de rigeur and pointed to his involvement with the Piedmont Environmental Council. The future of Loudoun county's growth was one of the points of a "First Fridays Lunch" that Mr. Dietrich attended along with chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, Kenneth Tomlinson, another Middleburg resident.

Paul's wife, Laura was a former Assistant Secretary of State under Reagan and John Bolton's deputy at USAID. Paul told me that she was one of "Bolton's girls," the gaggle of very attractive female assistants that John Bolton had trailing behind him when he entered Senate hearing chambers on Capitol Hill, etc. Mrs. Dietrich is still in touch with John Bolton and was advising him about the Senate confirmation hearings for his appointment as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. last summer when I was working for Paul.

It was while we were sitting in the parlor at Huntland during our initial meeting talking about his wife that he let slip that she was involved in something that he called "spy school". He informed me that she is a crack shot with an AK-47 and that she often brags about "killing" spies before coming home and preparing dinner. A friend of mine was present during these discussions and can confirm this information.

Paul hired me to be his driver and I reported back to Huntland the next morning. I didn't really think much of Paul outing his wife to me as a CIA agent that day. Though I did think it a bit odd that he was telling somebody that he had known only twenty minutes that his wife was a high-level intelligence operative. My sister lives in Arlington and her good friend's husband work's for the Agency. I thought, "Well, it's Northern Virginia every other person up here probably works for the CIA," as per this article that I read in the Loudoun Times Mirror.

This article I found to be a complete joke, because nobody is tight-lipped about their CIA involvement in NoVa [Northern Virgina].

The witches that ran the little New Age shop in Leesburg had worked for CIA: [Site affirms this claim.]

The guy who sold Nazi trinkets in the antique shop in Leesburg was CIA: [Nothing on the site supports this.]

I overheard people in line at the local Starbucks talking about their agency involvement. It was everywhere. LOL!

I had been working for Mr. Dietrich for a couple of months. It was pretty slack work: drive him from Middleburg to his office in Alexandria, then come back to pick him up every evening. One evening in April I was driving Paul back from a late dinner meeting he had at the Majestic restaurant (owned by Mark Warner) in Alexandria. Paul was a big time name dropper anyway but this evening he was especially loose-lipped. He started telling me about his wife's involvement with the CIA.

Paul told me that Laura had been involved in a "fast track" program with the CIA at Georgetown to recruit women in high position roles in the federal government. This was at the begining of the Reagan era and was facilitated by Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Condelezza Rice had also been apart of this program. He told me that the position Laura had held at State, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs was a front for the CIA at the State Department.

Which made sense to me when he told me some of the actions in which she played a part. She got "Baby Doc" Duvalier out of Haiti, promised him a  U.S. visa which she renegged and got him stuck in France, which made Mrs. Dietrich persona non grata in France. She also got Marcos out of the Philippines.

Both of these actions didn't seem particularily "humanitarian" as her job title suggested. Rescuing Third World dictators and despots. She also was involved in El Salvador and the Sanctuary program.

Mr. Dietrich went into detail about questions that she had to answer on the polygraph examination. She had purchased the book entitled "Blowing My Cover" by Lindsey Moran because it described the CIA's polygraph procedure she hadn't taken in a long time.

He told me information about the CIA's spy school in Reston where Laura reported for work and that several "role playing" excercises were conducted on city streets in and around Northern Virginia. He described an exercise in which she was involved that took place at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

Several of "her team" were ex-Navy SEALs. It was one of these SEALs job to transport a very small amount of radioactive material, nothing dangerous, just enough to be detected with measurement instruments. This material was placed in an ordinary box and flown to Yemen where it was placed in a cargo container. The container would make it's way to Marseilles, France, then across the Atlantic to Boston, MA. It was picked up by another team member and taken down the East Coast to Baltimore, where it would be picked up by Paul's wife, Laura. In the meantime she had made an appointment to have a meeting with the general manager of Camden Yards [sports stadium]. She took the box containing the radioactive material to the meeting with her where she would be cleared by security getting into Camden Yards because she is a "petite white woman with long blond hair." Walking to the manager's office she would make an unplanned detour and enter the bleachers area of the stadium, take out the box, reveal the mock device and press a button on it. This was simulating that she had detonated a nuclear device or "dirty bomb." This also marked the end of the exercise at Camden Yards.

It was unclear whether or not an event was taking place at the time or if the management of Camden Yards was aware of the exercise.

Paul told me that his wife was on an intelligence board and had been hand-picked by Donald Rumsfeld. James Woolsey is also on this Defense Department (?) intelligence board. Paul didn't elaborate any further on this. However I suspected the board was involved with DIA or at least met at Bolling Air Force Base as Laura had DoD stickers on her car that allowed her to enter that base.

Paul told me that the counter-terrorism work Laura did involved a team that would go and gather every detail of a terrorist incident world-wide. He told me that Al Queda had been targeting western females, not as recruits, but as unwitting mules. He said that some of the things Laura's counter-terrorism team had uncovered was that terrorists were trying to attract young, often unattractive or "plain looking" girls from places like Ireland. The terrorist operatives would then wine and dine the young naive girls and fly them to resort areas in the Mediterranean. Paul stated that the purpose of this was that the Western girl-friends would have no idea that their new Arab boyfriends were terrorists and that eventually they would fly them someplace and the terrorist boy-friend would have placed a bomb in the girl's luggage without her knowledge.

Paul's wife, Laura Dietrich, worked for the CIA and was currently employed training recruits. One of the excercises she was involved in can be seen here: [This file offers some of the material in this account.]

I personally saw Laura Dietrich's tax information and pay stubs, the private military contractors she worked for are:



Tessada & Associates

Hamilton Trading Group, Inc.

I also heard her refer to what she was doing for the CIA as "spy school" and heard recorded messages from her contact, a woman by the name of "Sharon."

These people also appeared on a list of role players involved in training exercises:

Donna - (703) 560-4086
Art - (703) 938-3025
Kevin - (703) 318-0070
Kathy - (703) 250-6502
Barb - (703) 938-4865
Scott - (804) 512-5197
Ed - (540) 785-8319
Steven - (301) 203-1520
Gene - (703) 727-6575

I believe it is regrettable that people like Paul Dietrich are so irresponsible with matters concerning national security. If he was telling ME these things I can't imagine what he tells people at cocktail parties.

A2 sends:

The phone number listed for "Donna" seems to be for Maj. Gen. Earnest O. Robbins II [Retired]

This is his bio which has some rather interesting information:

Robbins, Earnest
8033 N Park St
Dunn Loring, VA 22027-1219
(703) 560-4086

Listed among other people as relatives is a KATHLEEN R DONOHUE at the 703-250-6502 number

Donohue, M
10610 Burnside Landing Ct
Burke, VA 22015-2520
(703) 250-6502

Donohue, Kathleen R
5950 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22205-1502
(703) 532-3245

PAUL G DIETRICH Born  1949  
(540) 687-5464

LAURA J DIETRICH is listed as relative

A3 sends:

ITI is a major CIA front company that handles tactical training at "The Farm," you will note the very close proximity to the CIA school and related support facilities.,+West+Point,+VA&ie=UTF8&t=h&om=1&z=14&ll=37.519257,-76.765938&spn=0.037851,0.064545

[More on ITI below.]

Here is intelligence that you can add to the following page, at least 4 of those listed are confirmed. Initial sniff test of raw data and analysis indicates that your source is likely legitimate. The majority of what you source is telling you can either be directly confirmed, or is entirely plausible.

A simple cross reference of the people listed in the role playing list bring up several known spooks.

Dietrich feels that, in many ways, he represents the readership for which they are striving. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri (where he once served for four years as a state representative to the Missouri General Assembly), Dietrich now makes Washington, D.C., homebase for himself and the magazine. But he travels a great deal--to New York City for Saturday Review and to foreign shores as husband of Laura Jordan Dietrich who, as deputy assistant secretary of state for human rights, is the highest-ranking woman in the State Department [CIA].

Title: Obituary: Mary Catherine (nee Kuhter) Jordan
Newspaper: Wilmette Life, 29 Sep 2005, page 26 
Personal Name(s): Jordan, Mary
Subject(s): Death announcements ; Obituaries
Abstract: Mary Catherine (nee Kuhter) Jordan, 81, of Wilmette, died Sept. 21 at her home. Mrs. Jordan was born in Chicago. Survivors include one daughter, Laura Jordan Dietrich of Middleburg, Va.; one son, Lenny Jordan of London, England; one grandchild, Anatole Jordan of London, England; one sister, Rosemary Kuhter Schultz; one brother George Edmund Kuhter; and many nieces and nephews. Interment was in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Ill.


General (Ret.) Carl E. Vuono (President)
General (Ret.) Ronald H. Griffith (Executive Vice President)
Colonel (Ret.) Stephen E. Inman (Chief Financial Officer)
Dan Doherty "Daniel A. Doherty" (Senior Vice President / General Manager of The Alexandria Group)
Bob Smith"Robert Smith"  (Senior Vice President and General Manager Training Technology Group)
William F. Kernan (Senior Vice President / General Manager of the International Group)
Randy Anderson (Senior Vice President and General Manager National Group)
Stu Wallace (Senior Vice President and General Manager Simulations Group)
John Sylvester (Senior Vice President and General Manager) Joint Ventures
Joe Wolfinger, Sr. Vice President, General Manager, Alexandria Group
Dave Winn
Patty Bolden


Virginia Campus
P. O. Box 709
West Point, VA 23181

ArmorGroup offers a variety of training possibilities, designed to compliment busy schedules and unique personal security needs. Advanced training can be done in residence at one of ArmorGroup’s training facilities, which promote intensive hands-on participation in a controlled environment. For those individuals unable to attend in-residence training, ArmorGroup has a mobile training capability that in many instances can bring the training to you – anywhere in the world. 

ArmorGroup International Training Inc. (ITI) - Virginia Training Facility

The 900-acre ArmorGroup International Training facility in Virginia is accessible by land, water or air and features both a 3,700’ active runway and a designated parachute drop zone. Our training facility features four state-of-the-art training classrooms, a staff instructor building and administrative and instructional support buildings. The driving facility is comprised of two road types courses, each approximately 1 mile in length, with real world features. Curves are designed to give the student experience with street radius turns, as well as highway speed, and open road turns. A section of the driving range features roads similar to those driven in developing countries – narrow and confined. The primary training vehicles used by ArmorGroup ITI – VA are unmodified Pontiac Grand Prix automobiles, which are licensed and insured for use on the street. The training emphasis focuses on realism Realistic street exercises, replicating operations in urban environments, are conducted in nearby cities such as Richmond, Williamsburg and Norfolk, Virginia.

A highly specialized Off-Road Training Facility is located twenty minutes from our West Point, Virginia facility. This facility provides classroom and hands-on driving instruction on an all-terrain course, which accurately simulates adverse 4-wheel driving conditions of all types. Students are fully trained in 4-wheel drive vehicles on handling characteristics, proper gear selection, center of gravity shifts, and winching and recovery techniques. The facility provides opportunities for instruction and practice in the proper methods of traversing obstacles such as logs, ditches, water, mud, sand, inclines and other terrain conditions. This one of a kind facility provides challenging, all-inclusive 4-wheel off-road training specifically designed to prepare drivers for off-road contingencies or operations in undeveloped or strife-torn countries.

ArmorGroup ITI - VA is located midway between Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia , just off of Interstate 64. It is adjacent to the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport, which is capable of handling most light aircraft. Driving time from Washington, DC is approximately two hours.

Rich Weaver, President, ArmorGroup International Training

Administrative Data
GSA Contract Number: GS-07F-0255J

Contract Period: 5/17/04 - 5/16/09

Contractor's Name, Address, Telephone and Fax Number, E-Mail and/or Web Site Address:

   ArmorGroup International Training
    Route 643, Airport Road
    P.O. Box 709
    West Point, Virginia 23181-0709
    Telephone: (804) 785-6000
    Fax: (804) 785-2719

Contractor's Administration Source:

   David S. Partridge, Vice President, Global Strategic Planning and Development
    ArmorGroup International Training
    P.O. Box 709
    Route 643 Airport Road
    West Point, VA 23181-0709
    Telephone: (804) 785-9027
    Fax: (804) 785-2646

Business Size: Large
DUNS Number: 622319564
Central Contractor Registration (CCR): Yes

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Information for Ordering Activities
Table of awarded Special Item Numbers (SIN's)

Schedule:   84 - Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Management Systems, Fire, Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Recovery

 FSC Group:  63
 SIN:  246-52, Professional Security/Facility Management Services
 Basic GSA discount:  6.25%
 Quantity Discount:  N/A
 Volume Discount:  N/A
 Aggregate Discount:  N/A
 End of Contract Discount:  N/A
 Prompt Payment Terms:  1% - 20 Days, Net 30 Days
 FOB:  Reference Procedures for Services Priced on GSA Schedule at Hourly Rates
 Delivery Time:  14 Days ARO
 Emergency Delivery:  5 Workdays ARO, Based on Availability
 Warranty:  Reference Procedures for Services Priced on GSA Schedule at Hourly Rates
 Minimum Order:  $100.00
 Maximum Order:  $200,000.00
 Credit Card:  Accepted

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Background Information - International Training, Inc. (ITI)
Training is the core business and focus of International Training Incorporated (ITI).

International Training Incorporated (ITI), has been in the training business for over fifteen years and provides training on a global basis to thousands of students from both the government and private sector industry. Our training philosophy has always been to customize the training to meet the client s needs.

ITI is the leader and has always been in the forefront of innovative, hands-on, realistic and effective approaches to security. ITI has always placed emphasis on taking the offensive approach versus the reactive method when countering the spectrum of threats that impact an individual s security. To meet the challenges of new threats posed today, ITI is continuously assessing, evaluating and analyzing new and innovative approaches to further enhance security.

ITI s instructors have an average of 22 years of experience in law enforcement, intelligence, investigations and security experience. Several staff members have federal, state and county law enforcement academy level instruction experience. All instructional staff complete an intense week long instructional course prior to commencing on-site instruction or deploying one of our mobile training teams. This training covers topics such as instructional methodology, delivery, course preparation, classroom management, and student evaluation. While assigned to and working on the mobile training team, instructors are required to be evaluated by an experienced instructor for a minimum of 80 instructional hours. ITI maintains an extensive curriculum management and quality assurance program that provides for the constant evaluation and assessment of all instructional material and instructor staff. Instructors work under minimal supervision and are experienced at deploying to domestic and international locations and providing training to large and diverse groups with varying experiences and educational backgrounds. 

Training includes classroom lecture and realistic scenario based practical exercises. Instructors are responsible for all aspects of course administration, coordination, logistics and facilitation. This includes training area familiarization and set-up for the conduct and evaluation of all practical exercises.

ITI has played a major role in the development and initiation of a major global Surveillance Detection (SD) Program. This program provides added security assistance to many diplomatic facilities abroad. The program has been marked by documented successes, some of which have been made public and others that have not. Training has included a basic SD course, an intermediate SD course, SD Management for In-Country Facility Directors/Managers, SD and Evasive Driving for Diplomatic drivers and operational support to diplomatic facilities abroad, as required. ITI has provided training and operational assistance since inception of the program. In the year 2001 alone, ITI conducted mobile training, security assistance and security service programs for the United States Government, including components of the Department of State and the Department of Defense (DoD), in over 220 cities abroad, as well as within the United States. These programs for the United States Government and DoD touched the boundaries of every continent and virtually every major country and city in the world. ITI has also provided antiterrorism and force protection training programs at ITI training facilities in Texas and Virginia to practically every DoD component, where deploying troops are either residing, traveling to or working in medium to high threat environments.

ITI's in-depth analysis of various types of personal security and threat situations has shown there are skills and strategies that can be taught that can be effective in reducing victim potential. This information is integrated into our programs and insures that threatened individuals receive the most current, realistic and practical countermeasures available.

ITI is the ONLY company that routinely dispatches trained analysts to the scene of personal attacks. ITI s study of hundreds of attacks over decades has led to new methods of protecting people and their possessions. Recognized and adopted by Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. government (including ITI-trained special operations teams), foreign governments and select individuals in your own particular situation, these security methods have been proven effective in actual attacks. To date, ITI has over 60 recorded "saves"; individuals who have survived life-threatening situations due to ITI training and operations. Just as important, this is a 100% save rate. To date, everyone with ITI training who has come under attack has survived. 

Training Facilities


The 900 acre ITI training facility in Virginia is accessible by land, water or air and features both a 3,700 foot active runway and a designated parachute drop zone. The driving facility is comprised of two road type courses, each approximately 1.8 miles long, with real world features. Curves are designed to give the student experience with street radius turns, as well as highway speed, and open road turns. A section of the driving range features roads similar to those driven in third world countries: narrow and confined. The primary training vehicles are new, unmodified Pontiac Grand Prix automobiles which are licensed and insured for use on the street. The training emphasis focuses on realism. The firearms training facility contains one of the most progressive and realistic, 360, .308 caliber ballistic shooting houses in the United States, encompassing 6,800 square feet of training space. Offices, classrooms and maintenance are also located on-site.

A new, separate, Off-Road Training Facility is located twenty minutes from West Point. This facility provides classroom and hands-on driving instruction on an all-terrain course, which accurately simulates adverse 4-wheel driving conditions of all types. Students are fully trained in 4-wheel drive vehicles on handling characteristics, proper gear selection, center of gravity shifts, and winching and recovery techniques. The facility provides opportunities for instruction and practice in the proper methods of traversing obstacles such as logs, ditches, water, mud, sand, inclines, and other terrain conditions. This one of a kind facility provides challenging, all-inclusive 4-wheel off-road training specifically designed to prepare drivers for off-road contingencies or operations in undeveloped or strife-torn countries.

ITI-Virginia is located midway between Richmond and Williamsburg, adjacent to the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport, which is capable of handling most light aircraft. Driving time from Washington, DC is under two hours.

ITI-Texas [Google Map]

The ITI Texas facility, near Pearsall, south of San Antonio, features a custom-designed and constructed 2.0 mile asphalt track, and other special features that accurately duplicate real world driving situations and conditions. A 13-acre outdoor firearms training area is on-site. Realistic street exercises, replicating operations in an urban environment, are conducted in nearby San Antonio.

The ITI Texas facility provides integrated training for the protection of personnel, facilities, and high-value assets against terrorism, crime, and other potential threats. It provides methods of identifying threats and developing specific procedures for countering them. The training emphasizes detailed vulnerability assessments of facilities, personnel, and transportation systems, and identifying security weaknesses in critical operational processes. The training also encourages development of specific solutions for continuously upgrading countermeasures and dealing with sudden changes or increases in threat, thereby ensuring the highest level of protection. 

An Off-Road Training Facility is located on ITI-Texas facility/campus. This facility provides classroom and hands-on driving instruction on an all-terrain course, which accurately simulates adverse 4-wheel driving conditions of all types. Students are fully trained in 4-wheel drive vehicles on handling characteristics, proper gear selection, center of gravity shifts, and winching and recovery techniques. The facility provides opportunities for instruction and practice in the proper methods of traversing obstacles such as logs, ditches, water, mud, sand, inclines, and other terrain conditions. This one of a kind facility provides challenging, all-inclusive 4-wheel off-road training specifically designed to prepare drivers for off-road contingencies or operations in undeveloped or strife-torn countries.

ITI Texas is located one hour south of San Antonio International Airport, off I-35, and five minutes from the corporate jet accessible Pearsall Municipal Airport.

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Overview of ITI training

ITI is a leader in providing comprehensive in-depth, tailored training to help you recognize, avoid and survive potential threats of organized attacks, kidnappings and violent crimes.

By integrating classroom work with practical, hands-on experience, our training not only empowers you to recognize threats and avoid them when possible, but most importantly, to survive them. We analyze past attacks and instruct on new protective measures that have proven successful in actual attack situations.

The use of realistic scenario-based situations duplicating real-world environments reinforces and practices appropriate responses before an actual incident. The training is designed to de-mystify security and promote individual confidence in being able to respond to adverse situations in an appropriate and successful manner, regardless of the individual s prior background or training.

ITI offers a variety of training possibilities, designed to compliment busy schedules and unique personal needs. Advanced training can be done in residence at one of the ITI facilities, which promote intensive hands-on participation in a controlled environment. For those persons unable to attend in-residence training, ITI has a mobile training capability that can bring the training to you anywhere in the world.

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List of available training courses

Driver Training

Advanced Driver Education and Crash Avoidance Training

Through hands-on experience, students learn practical driving maneuvers in realistic emergency situations. Lessons include vehicle dynamics, effective threshold braking and use of vision to anticipate and avoid accidents. Practical exercises cover emergency braking, vehicle control at highway speeds, off-road recoveries, as well as instinctive reactive measures to highway emergencies during wet and dry road conditions.

Evasive and Defensive Driver Training

This comprehensive program is designed around the instinctive reactionary process associated with accident avoidance and the expansion of the security envelope beyond the confines of the vehicle. Based on analytical studies of assaults on government and corporate personnel, practical exercises include modulated, ABS, and transitional braking, vehicle dynamics, high speed tactical driving, attack recognition and counter-surprise, tactical evasives, and attack scenarios.

Off Road and Specialty Driver Training

Students will learn not only the mechanics of the 4 x 4 drive train and mechanical operation, but traction demands, shift points, and proper gear selection. Practical exercises on the 86-acre facility include proper off road braking, acceleration, obstacle avoidance, emergency reactions, recovery techniques, and a challenging obstacle course. The culmination of training is an unknown terrain driving exercise, combining all elements of training.

Surveillance Detection Training

Basic Surveillance Detection Support for Facility Protection

Grounded in analysis of attacks on facilities, students will be able to identify and exploit the preoperational surveillance found before a terrorist attack. Includes practical exercises to demonstrate student skill progression.

Advanced Surveillance Detection Support for Facility Protection

Review of basic course, with emphasis on understanding the rings of security that protect facilities, collection and analysis of potential surveillant information, and the steps necessary to proactively exploit it. Includes design, implementation, and maintenance of a database specific to site s needs, and practical street exercises.

Basic Travel Pattern Analysis and Surveillance Detection Support for Transportation

Review and analysis of attacks, both criminal and terrorist, that have occurred during the transportation mode. Students will be able to analyze travel from the attacker s perspective, and design routes to support the detection of pre-attack surveillance. Realistic street exercises allow students to practice surveillance detection and attack recognition.

Advanced Travel Pattern Analysis and Surveillance Detection Support for Transportation

Review of basic course, with emphasis on defining routes to support surveillance detection teams. Students will learn the fundamentals of surveillance necessary to remain undetected by hostile surveillance teams, as well as the design, implementation, and maintenance of a database to support the collection, analysis, and dissemination of surveillant information. Includes practical street exercises.

Surveillance and Countersurveillance Training

Surveillance Operations

Students learn the tradecraft necessary to conduct offensive team surveillance operations. Practical exercises include foot and vehicle considerations, communications and signaling, and progressive/regressive pegging. 

Basic Countersurveillance Support

Building on the skills developed in the surveillance detection courses, students will learn to proactively support operational activity. Students apply casing techniques to assist in the identification and development of pre-planned locations used to support operational activities. Practical exercises are conducted throughout the course.

Advanced Countersurveillance Support

Review of the basic counter-surveillance skills. Emphasis is placed on development of preoperational planning, team management, and strategic utilization of tradecraft. Team drills and management planning are highlighted throughout the course during practical exercises.

Protective Service and Operations Training

Protecting Convoys and Motorcades

Course provides a study of vehicle dynamics, second generation driver theory, and a comprehensive classroom interactive study on historical and analytical evaluations of previous attack situations. Practical exercises include vehicle dynamics and braking techniques, precision driving and motorcade operations, single car and motorcade tactical evasives, and mock attack scenarios.

Protective Service Operations For Executives And Other Threatened Persons

Course is designed to provide students with the essential elements of evaluating, planning, and conducting a protective service operation.  Emphasis is placed on proactive approaches to each element, including theory, functionality, locality, and team composition.  Practical exercises include route analysis, foot formations, command post operations, advance work, high/low profile operations, current attack case studies, and mock attack scenarios.

Security Operations Training

Security Threat Matrix Assessments for Facilities

Course will cover the history and analysis of attacks on facilities, with an introduction to the Zone Defense approach to security. Not intended to replace in depth facility security assessments, the Security Threat Matrix prioritizes security needs and justifies the allocation of scarce resources to potential targets. Includes practical exercises in assessments, justification for rating, and proposed security coverage.

Security Threat Matrix Assessments for Personnel

A review and analysis of attacks against personnel leads an introduction to the Zone Defense method for matching scarce security resources to potential targets. Includes practical exercises in assessments, justification for rating, and proposed security coverage.

Security Threat Matrix Assessments for Transportation Systems

Course covers the history and analysis of terrorist attacks against transportation resources. Students will learn to use the Security Threat Matrix to prioritize security assets among potential targets. Practical exercises involve the rating and ranking of travel, route analysis, and surveillance detection support.

Firearms Training

Firearms Familiarization

Stressing responsible use under real world conditions, the student will learn combat marksmanship skills, precision vs. reactive shooting, drawing from concealment, wound ballistics, and psychophysical reactions to the stress of real life engagements.

Intermediate and Advanced Firearms Training

Covering all the objectives of the basic firearms familiarization class, this progressive firearms training will also cover the tactical considerations of holster selection, firing while moving, firing while moving at moving targets, proper use of cover, low/no light shooting, and a review of ballistics on unarmored vehicles. Training culminates in reactive steel drills, based on realistic situations not competitive matches. 

Tactical Shotgun

Students will learn proper tactical employment of the shotgun, including auto vs. pump, stance and recoil control, malfunction drills, load considerations, patterning, as well as breaching and entry techniques.

Tactical Carbine

This progressive firearms training will also cover the tactical considerations of carbine/SMG (sub-machinegun) selection, firing while moving, firing while moving at moving targets, proper use of cover, low/no light shooting, and a review of ballistics on unarmored vehicles. Training culminates in reactive steel drills, and a multi-room, component Shoot House based on realistic situations not competitive matches.

Other Specialized Training

Violent Crime Prevention Training

Stressing awareness and avoidance over conflict, the course provides a comprehensive review of the criminal threat, victim profiles, and the criminal's targeting and selection process for locations and targets. Practical exercises include victim profiling and criminal signature, personal defense with less than lethal and improvised weapons, and unarmed instinctive defense.

Team Building for Integrated Groups

Dynamic and intensive experiences that will enhance your corporate or organization's objectives such as intensifying group loyalty; improve cohesion; enhance employee satisfaction; and increase personal safety and security habits. Emphasis is placed on the need for individuals to work together and trust each other to overcome difficult or dangerous situations. The program includes a full day of either separate or combined experiences in areas such as evasive driving, firearms, four wheel drive off-road driving, and land navigation.

Close Quarters (CDQ ) Training [Authorized Training Provider]

Close Quarters Defense (CQD ) Training provides specialized skills and training necessary to respond appropriately to both shooting and non-shooting situations, whatever the environment or mission objective. Techniques are interchangeable with armed and unarmed defense and ensure the expertise necessary to control high-risk encounters.

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Current GSA Price List - FY 2004 (effective July 1, 2004)

Item Description
 * Net GSA Price Per Day/Unit
Direct Labor Category - ITI Facilities
ITI Staff
ITI Senior Administrator (Full-Time Assignment)
ITI Administrator (Full-Time Assignment)
ITI Administrative Support ($20.13/Hourly Rate)
Role Player/Course Support
ITI Close Quarters Defense (CQD) Instructor
ITI CQD Tactical Role Player
Night Differential (Range/Driving)
 +25% of Direct Labor Category
Emergency Medical Technician
Direct Labor Category - Mobile Security Training and Consulting Services
ITI Staff (for training, services or preparation day)
ITI Staff (for travel days)
ITI CQD Training Staff
ITI Staff (Hazardous Area Differential)
 +25% of Direct Labor Category
Facility/Equipment Costs
Driver Training Vehicle
Off-Road Training Vehicle
Driving Facility Rental (Hard Surface)
Driving Facility Rental (Off Road)
Night Drive Differential
Night Fire Differential
Classroom Rental
Course Reference Material (per student)
Operable Sedan Consumed (Ram or Escape Exercises, Vehicles Severely Damaged or Destroyed)
Target Vehicle Consumed (Ram or Escape Exercises, Vehicles Severely Damaged or Destroyed)
Shoot House and 25-Yard Firing Range Rental
50-Yard Firing Range Rental
Reactive Range Rental
CQD Facility Rental
Replacement Doors for Shoot House
3D Target Rental (each per day)
IPSC Cardboard Targets (each)
IPSC Cardboard Targets (box of 100)
Weapon Rental - Pistol (per weapon)
Weapon Rental - Carbine/Shotgun (per weapon)
Weapon Rental - Submachine (per weapon)
Flashlight (per student)
Simmunitions (box of 50)
9mm Ammunition (per thousand rounds)
5.56mm Ammunition (per thousand rounds)
.45cal ACP Ball Ammunition (per thousand rounds)
.357cal JSP Ammunition (per thousand rounds)
.40cal S&W Ammunition (per thousand rounds)
Shotgun Slugs 00/#4 (per thousand rounds)
Shotgun #8/#9 (per thousand rounds)
* Net GSA Price Per Day/Unit Calculation. Commercial Price Per Unit/Day, Minus (-) 6.94% GSA Discount, Plus (+) 0.75 Industrial Funding Fee.


"Donna" = Donna Murrah, Wife of Brigadier General Earnest O. Robbins, USAF
"Donna" = Earnest Robbins   (703) 560-4086   8033 N Park St,  Dunn Loring, VA 22027
"Donna" = Robbins, Earnest, 8033 N Park St, Dunn Loring, VA 22027-1219, (703) 560-4086

Pam Conte
Kristen Robbins
Laura Hendley
Karen Carlson

"Art" - (703) 938-3025
"Art" - Fajans, Arthur E., 9617 Percussion Way, Vienna, VA 22182-3333 (703) 938-3025
"Art" - Arthur E. Fajans, OSD/DIA

Arthur E. Fajans is Deputy Director, Security Policy, in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He recently completed the Foreign Service Institute's Executive Seminar on National and International Affairs at the Department of State. Mr. Fajans joined the office of the Secretary of Defense in 1973 and has served as Acting Director, Information Security Acting Chairman, National Disclosure Policy Committee, U.S. Representative to the NATO Security Committee, and with Defense Public Affairs as the Freedom of Information Staff Specialist. Mr. Fajans also has been employed by the Navy Department and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

"Kevin" = Jennyfer Peterson   (703) 318-0070   1302 Crosstitch Dr,  Herndon, VA 20170
"Kevin" = Kevin Peterson   (703) 318-0070   1302 Crosstitch Dr,  Herndon, VA 20170
"Kevin" =  (703) 318-7181 1302 Crosstitch Dr, Herndon, VA 20170
"Kevin" =  Peterson, Kevin,1302 Crosstitch Drive, Herndon, VA (Virginia) 20170-3618 (703) 318-7181

"Kathy" = M Donohue   (703) 250-6502   Burke, VA 22009
"Kathy" = Donohue, M., 10610 Burnside Landing Ct., Burke, VA 22015-2520 (703) 250-6502
"Kathy" = Kathleen Donohue, Central Intelligence Agency

Mr. Kenneth M. Donohue 64145 11/1/2005 F 38
Dept of HUD
Deputy Inspector General
10610 Burnside Landing Ct
Burke, VA 22015
Work Phone: (202) 708-0430

Mr. Donohue had a distinguished 21-year career with the U.S. Secret Service as a special agent, culminating with the Assistant Director's staff assigned to the CIA's Counter-Terrorism Center. Mr. Donohue had a diverse career within the Investigation Division. In addition, he served with the Presidential Detail and two tours with the Protective Intelligence Division.

He and his spouse of thirty-four years, Kathleen, have four sons and one grandson. Mr. Donohue is a competitive swimmer and works with special needs children.

First, let me introduce my wife, Kathleen who currently works at the State Department [CIA] and raised our wonderful sons, while I was traveling the world. Without her support and love I would not be here today.

"Barb" - (703) 938-4865, Landline - VA
"Barb" - (703) 938-4865

"Scott" - (804) 512-5197, Cell Phone, Verizon Wireless - Virginia

"Ed" - (540) 785-8319, Landline - VA, Verizon

"Steven" - (301) 203-1520, Landline - Fort Washington, MD

"Gene"  = (703) 727-6575, Cell Phone - VA, Verizon Wireless

A sends 20 November 2006 (deletions by Cryptome):

Mr. Young, let me know if you receive this. Skepticism is good. 

This email proves that I know Paul Dietrich and that he discussed 

issues of a sensitive nature with me. It is Paul Dietrich's response 

to an email I sent him back in May. Will send you hardcopies via 

snail mail along with copies of Paul Dietrich's vehicle registration 

as further proof.

[Dietrich's e-mail]

Hey [deleted],

Good to hear from you.  We are still at Huntland but have not bought 

it--and luckily no one else has either.

You kind of got the whole Mozambique story completely mangled.  We were 

negotiating with the leader of Mozambique to free one of the top Portuguese 

intelligence agents they had captured and there were no warships.  I don't 

know where you got that, but there was the gold and medicines.

In any event, the story is too long to write, so feel free to call me and 

I can accurately re-tell it to you.

I will be traveling over the next two weeks but will be home that last 

week of May.

What are you doing these days and where are you living?

I'd love to catch up!

Paul Dietrich
Foxhall Capital Management, Inc.
1613 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
800-416-2053 toll-free
703-683-8575 main 703-683-9083 fax dietrich[at] -----Original Message----- From: [deleted] Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 6:37 PM To: Paul Dietrich Subject: Aloha! Questions about Africa. Hello Paul,  Long time, no hear. ;-) How are things in Middleburg? Were you able to acquire Huntland? Anyway, I am reading a few books about the history of the political situation in Southern Africa, Angola in particular, when I remembered a story you conveyed to me about your experiences in Mozambique.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the story as I remember it. You were there negotiating with the leader of Mozambique in an attempt to persuade him to step down and leave the country. As an incentive a large amount of gold bullion was to be given to him on his departure from Mozambique. The gold was delivered by a warship that sat in the harbor of Maputo. You were decorated by the government of Portugal for your participation in these negotiations. Is that basically it?  I was wondering if you could fill in some of the gaps as this story is very intriguing. Were you there working for the U.S. State dept.? Who was the Mozambiquan leader that you were negotiating with? Was the ship delivering the gold a U.S. ship or Portuguese ship? What was the name of the ship? I know I have asked you this a hundred times but what was the name of the order of knighthood that you received from the Portuguese? I hope these questions aren't too forward and that you can help me out with this, but it would definitely add a unique perspective to the books on U.S./African foreign relations that I am currently reading.  By the by, I did a little more research on Huntland a while back and found out that "secret" talks between the Netherlands and Indonesia took place there determining the future of New Guinea. The talks were mediated by Ellsworth Bunker. Pretty interesting, see below. Thanks for your help.                                           Cheers,                                           [deleted] It is also not surprising that the US representatives were very active
in the West New Guinea settlement and sponsored the negotiations between
the Dutch and Indonesian representatives carried out in Middleburg,
Virginia, on 20th March 1962. The talks were formally under the auspices
of the United Nations Secretary General (U Thant), but required the third
party as a mediator. It is also not surprising with the previously
mentioned US foreign policy, that the mediator was chosen to be Mr.
Ellsworth Bunker, a then-retired American diplomat (see ref. [6]). It can be noticed a telegram from the Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, to
the US Embassy in Indonesia on March 6, 1962. The telegram reads as
follows (see ref. [7]):                                     Washington, March 6, 1962, 8:57pm         .... Secretary (of State, Dean Rusk) has asked Dutch consider         following individuals for third party role: Ellsworth Bunker,         Frederic Boland, Ernest Gross, Eugene Black, Walt Rostow, John         McCloy, Hamilton Fish Armstrong.  In our view Bunker would be         particularly outstanding candidate.         Request you see Sukarno or Subandrio soonest and pass on sub-         stance this message including list of names suggested to         Dutch.  You should stress Secretary's view that Bunker would         be absolutely first class.  Believe with favorable Indo         reaction this message we should be able firm up arrangements         for secret talks get under way. Now, we know that from the beginning USA had insisted Ellsworth Bunker to be the mediator. And, we know that the main task of Ellsworth Bunker during the West New Guinea negotiations was that he had to hand over West New Guinea to the Republic of Indonesia as soon as possible, regardless of Holland's position or even West New Guinea's position.

A sends three messages 21 November 2006:

[Message 1]

If there is any backlash then I will come forward with my name. I don't think there will be. I don't think Paul Dietrich will do anything. He's got a documentary coming out called, I believe, "Forgiveness" (oh, the irony!). It will be out on PBS. He interviews the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu among others. Richard Gere is doing the intro. Paul's background is in broadcasting. The subversion of tobacco programs in South America is what really got me.  But there were other things as well that convinced me that Mr. Dietrich was not all that honorable.

For instance, the first day I worked for Paul Dietrich he was on the phone with one of his clients, Jamie Auffenberg. Auffenberg owns a lot of car dealerships in Illinois, the St. Louis area. Mr Auffenberg was/is in a lot of trouble with the IRS. I later found out that Auffenberg was involved in some sort of fraud case where the federal government gave incentives and tax breaks to business leaders to headquarter their companies in outlying U.S. territories, the Virgin Islands in particular.

Mr. Auffenberg violated the agreement by not spending the appropriate amount of time living in the Virgin Islands to get this tax shelter. While Paul was on the phone with his client, Jamie Auffenberg, I overheard him discussing what he could do to get Auffenberg off. Paul seemed to be of the impression that the IRS people investigating Mr. Auffenberg's case were career bureacrats and because of that the case would go nowhere. "If," Paul insinuated, "if that was all they were investigating" implying there might be something more to the case and giving Auffenberg an "in" to fess up. Auffenberg convinced Paul that was the whole case. They then discussed getting a U.S. senator involved to intervene on Auffenberg's behalf. The senator was Charles Grassley from Iowa. Whether Mr. Auffenberg went through with this plan to get Grassley to intervene is unknown to me and I am not implicating Charles Grassley in anything. When Paul got off the phone with Auffenberg he and I discussed his association with Auffenberg. I thought it was a disgusting perversion of the due process of the law. The whole conversation sounded illegal to me.

We talked about a lot of things. If he didn't want this information out there then he shouldn't have told me anything. Apparently those involved in the PMC training of CIA agents are mid-level federal government retirees (military, CIA, FBI) so I would imagine those people would be really pissed. I mean the guy blew open the doors and revealed a lot about the training process of CIA operatives.


[Message 2]

I was in touch with Lilly Edens, the owner of Esoterica [shop in Lessburg, VA] for a while. You might want to contact her. She has a report that tells of her work with the CIA. This is the initial email I sent her and her response. I feel OK in sending you this as her email is explicit in that she wants to get her story out. She is a nice lady. She never did get the report to me and I dropped it after a couple of emails. I would contact her before putting this up on your website.


[Lilly's email]

Yes - the story is more or less right.  Jane and I did a writeup on it - I will dig it out and get the whole thing out to you. Sadly we ran out of time to sue the CIA, but we LOVE to spread the story of how they spent over a million $$$ to find a group of folks who really hadn't broken any of the rules, but were in fact helping develop new communication tools for the Agency to help everyone do their job better (even MORE ironic was the fact that most of us had received AWARDS for working on aspects of this very project that they fired us for in the end!)  I will do some digging and get it out to you.

Now ... You can lend US a helping hand by not only spreading the story, but putting links up to the store URL - it has been tough times back here, and we appreciate any and all help, even from across the waters :D   And see... you don't even have to spend any money ;->

ttfn...  will get back to you as soon as I find it...

[deleted's message to Lilly]

[deleted] wrote:
Hi! I used to lived a couple blocks away from Esoterica in Leesburg. I enjoyed coming down there on 'First Fridays'. Me and my girlfriend have since moved back to Hawaii.

Any way, you probably don't remember me. I was feeling a bit nostalgic for Leesburg and was looking for info on Loudoun, Leesburg, Esoterica, etc. on Google when I found this article talking about how you worked for the CIA.

I remembered being in your shop once and talking to a guy whose name I can't remember, but he was wearing a big belt buckle that said "CS"(Confederate States?) on it, I spoke with him about contemporary Native American artwork, The state of affairs with the current Bush regime, etc. He said he was one of the co-owners. I remember he told me that you and him as well as the other partners in Esoterica all worked for the CIA doing their computers. He then told me the story that you guys were fired because you had set up an internel messaging system or bulletin board where you all and few others would talk about Sci-Fi movies, Star Trek etc. There was an audit or something and the CIA wasn't pleased with finding this system and labeled you all as subversive or something to that effect. Do I have this story correct? I was just wondering, because I found it fascinating. Could you or he relay that story to me again? If not, could you forward this email to that gentleman and per haps he could tell me the story all over again. I have a bunch of friends in the IT industry, I told them your story and they found it most intriguing.

Thank You,



[Message 3]

Paul Dietrich is a member of the Federalist Society. He told me that he believes that privacy is something that is NOT protected by the U.S. Constitution. I am willing to defend what I have to say about the events that occured March 2005 through August 2005, the time that I worked for Paul. As far as seeinjg his wife's tax returns it was in the capacity of the work I was doing for him. As well as a driver I also performed other duties such as messenger, etc. I'm really not worried about it. I was an undocumented, uninsured, unbonded worker working for him. It's his own damn fault. When he put his ad in the Loudoun Times Mirror I think he expected to get an uneducated undocumented illegal alien to work for him. 

Anyway, will send you more documentation via snail mail that confirms my links to Paul Dietrich. And I've got an email from Paul I'll forward to you to confirm our relationship. Thanks.


[Message 4]

The information provided by others on this matter is most interesting and appreciated. I had no idea about the connection to the Department of Housing and Urban Development Inspector-General, himself a former CIA employee. When I was doing research concerning the connection between the Central Intelligence Agency and Private Military Contractors  (PMCs) in the summer of '05, I was able to find the home addresses of several people on the "role players" list on Google Phone Book. Now that is no longer the case, they have been deleted. There is other info on two of the role players from the original "spy school" excercise I sent to you that I found on the web however.  Terry Neist and Margaret Kerr-McKOWN.

Terry Neist:

Margaret Kerr-McKown:

What is Commander Kerr-McKown doing moonlighting for private military contractors? Looks like she has classes to teach at the National Defense University.

A4 sends two messages 22 November 2006:

[Message 1]

Please see my comments scattered throughout the listings (in brackets)





Paul Dietrich is the President of FOXHALL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, Inc. He is also the principal mutual fund manager of the Shepherd Large Cap Growth Fund [] (formerly the Dominion Insight Growth Fund) (NASDAQ: DOIGX).

[Partial Holdings of DOIGX, three of these are CIA affiliates

Empire Financial Holding

Saytam Computer  [Long-term CIA front, with operations in India, China, Japan, and much of Asia, owns the biggest fiber optics in Asia, CIA station in Guangzhou.]

Franklin Resources

Legg Mason  [Major financial powerhouse in Baltimore, MD, historically linked to U.S. State Department]

America Movil S.A. de C.V [CIA Operation for eavesdropping in Latin America]

Sasol Adr (SSL) [Two current/ex-CIA people in senior level positions]

Cerner (CERN)

Schlumberger (SLB)

American International Group (AIG)]

Previously, he was the Founder of Meridian Emerging Markets, Ltd., a leading provider of global emerging markets company financial information. With offices in New York, Boston, London [wife has extended family in England] and Princeton, Meridian collected, compiled, and distributed fundamental financial data on all of the largest publicly traded companies in over 56 emerging markets [specializing in developing intelligence for his wife no doubt]. Mr. Dietrich has also been an investment adviser to a Bermuda-based,offshore investment fund [what CIA assets haven't been]. He is an international corporate attorney and was formerly associated with two Washington, DC law firms, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, [Strong ties to CIA, including James R. Lilley (former US ambassador to South Korea), and other CIA assets specializing in Latin America, Asia, and China, with significant overlap with Saytam Computer] and Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue [Major tobacco lobbyist, has fronted for several prior CIA activities in Asia and South America].

Before entering the practice of law, he served as Publisher and Editor in Chief of SATURDAY REVIEW, one of the United States' oldest cultural magazines. [Recognized as a front organization, used as a training ground for propaganda and PSYOPS specialists. Well known to be a mouthpiece for CIA agendas, or positions.]

As an attorney, he has been an advisor on privatization and economic development issues to the Czech government, as well as several governments in Asia and the former Soviet Union.

[His wife was/is in the CIA Directorate of Operations, and specialized in running spies in Russia and the Czech Republic.]

Mr. Dietrich has been a frequent contributor to the editorial pages of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, the LONDON TIMES and the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE. From 1994 to 1997, he was editor of both the REUTERS EMERGING MARKETS GUIDE and the REUTERS ASIAN STOCK SOURCEBOOK. He is also President of the Institute for International Health and Development (IHD) (founded in 1982 by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, David Morse).

[IHD is a known MI6-influenced organization used to advance U.S. and British agendas into poverty stricken countries, primarily Asia and South Africa. Ironically, Mr. Dietrich and his business associates have a history of financially exploiting these populations.]

He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, was a member of the National Advisory Board of Harvard University's School of Public Health's AIDS Institute, a member of the Advisory Group on International Health Systems Assessment of the New York Academy of Sciences, and is currently a member of the Advisory Board to the John Templeton Foundation. He has also served as a member of the Development Committee of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and as a member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Congressional Human Rights Foundation and the American-European Community Association.

[American-European Community Association has been repeatedly used by the CIA to influence the leaders of foreign governments.]




David H. Cunningham graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Prior to joining FOXHALL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (formerly Nye, Parnell & Emerson) in 1996, Mr. Cunningham served for five years as Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Potomac Asset Management, a Washington, D.C. money management firm. Mr. Cunningham began his investment career as a stockbroker with the firm of Hornblower and Weeks. He also managed equity and fixed income portfolios at American Security Bank and Foxhall Investment Management. Mr. Cunningham has been active with the advisory board of the Washington Hospital Center and the Washington Society of Investment Analysts.




David H. Morton is the Editor and Publisher of AdvisorGuide. After getting his start in the financial services industry in 1982, David founded a money management firm in 1984. David Morton is a member of the FPA: The Financial Planning Association, and an Affiliate Member of the MTA: The Market Technicians Association. Raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he graduated with a history degree from the University of Florida where he competed on the track and cross country teams. Mr. Morton joined Foxhall Capital Management in 2005.




Stuart D. Brown graduated with a BPh from Thomas Jefferson College of Grand Valley University inAllendale, MI in 1981. From 1982-3, he was an Account Executive for Rivierre Securities in Washington, DC. From 1983-2004, he was the Vice President-Investments, Portfolio Manager for Smith Barney inWashington, DC and Bethesda, MD. Stuart Brown joined FOXHALL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT in 2004.




Harold L. Reem graduated from Drake University with a B.A. in history (Phi Beta Kappa) in 1974, and was awarded an M.A. in history from Drake University in 1975. In 1976 he entered active duty in the Air Force after commissioning as a second lieutenant through the Drake University Air Force ROTC program. He served as an Air Force intelligence officer and educator until 1996, when he retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel. His twenty-year Air Force career included assignments in Korea, Germany, and Turkey; two duty tours at the Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.; an assignment at the Air Force intelligence school in Denver, Colorado; and a tour of duty as a Visiting Lecturer in Aerospace Studies at Cornell University, where he taught military history and United States defense policy in the Air Force ROTC program. Harold Reem joined FOXHALL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT in 2003.

[Hard links to the intelligence machine in the U.S., DIA, CIA. Harold and Norma Reem have attended agency sponsored parties in Alexandria and Norma has been just a bit too talkative on more then one social occasion. Harold would be one of the resident spooks inside FoxHall, and shoudl be considered one of the primary links. ]




Joshua Petersen joined FOXHALL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT in 2005. Prior to joining FOXHALL as the Director of Trading, Mr. Petersen was a Financial Consultant with Smith Barney in Bethesda, Maryland. Mr. Petersen holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.


Jeff Sciscilo


Jeff Sciscilo joined Foxhall Capital Management in 2005. Prior to joining Foxhall as an Asst. Director of Trading, Mr. Sciscilo was a trader with Smith Barney in Bethesda, Maryland. Mr. Sciscilo holds a B.A. from Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.


John Meng


John Meng joined Foxhall Capital Management in 2005. Prior to joining Foxhall as Managing Director of Variable Annuities he was an account executive with a program business insurance administrator in Northern Virginia. Mr. Meng holds a B.A. degree in Political Science and Economics from Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.


Kate McMahon


Kate B. McMahon joined Foxhall Capital Management as the comptroller in 2006. Raised in Binghamton, NY she graduated with a BA in Philosophy from Christendom College. From 1997-2001 she was bookkeeper for Shamrock Construction of Broome County, Inc. From 2002-06 she worked as an accounts payable manager and accounting associate for Lighthouse Underwriters.


[Message 2]


Celebrating the summer solstice

By Bonnie Eaton


Esoterica in Leesburg has a Summer Solstice All-Day Music Festival planned for Saturday, June 26, beginning at 4 p.m. Four bands will play, including Revel Moon, Rhianon, David La Fleur, Lauren Kendall, Gregory Lygon and Blue Knight. You can also visit with a psychic reader and enjoy some refreshments.

The shop offers everything for New Age devotees, such as crystals, incense, candles, cloaks and daggers, unicorns, fairies and magical supplies. Events are held regularly, including drum circles, visiting authors and tarot and psychic readings. There's also an after-hours coffeehouse with area musicians.

Lilly Edens opened Esoterica on King Street with Jane Harmon in October 2001.

“We were both in the CIA,” she explains. “After September 11th, we were considering other things to do. We saw the for-sale sign and decided to try this. We wanted to have a place that focused on bringing people together.”

Edens, a Methodist by faith, says she has always had an open mind about other people's religious practices. “I've lived around the world,” she says, “I've run into a lot of different cultures. God manifests Himself in many different ways. I kind of believe the way that Gene Roddenberry [creator of 'Star Trek']believed in that everybody should get along.”

Edens describes Harmon as a “kitchen witch.” Harmon describes herself as a “believer” in Wicca, “an earth-based nature religion that celebrates the seasons.”

“A lot of people are getting into Wicca,” she says. “It has special appeal for young women, because it is not patriarchal, as so many religions are.”

Wicca is a neopaganist religion, loosely based on Celtic beliefs and practices. Wiccans recognize eight seasonal days of celebration, following the equinoxes and solstices of the year. An equinox is when the sun crosses the equator, making night and day equal in length. This occurs in March and September.

Harmon, the daughter of a Methodist minister, has been interested in Wicca for about four years. She attributes some of that interest to her science education. For the CIA, she was in research and develop, exploring areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition.