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21 February 2009

Daniel Brandt ( sends:

December 21, 2009
Obama and CIA

I applaud your posting of Obama's Trilateral connections,
and you may also post this email if you wish.
Here are some links concerning Obama's background that
may be of interest. I think there is legitimate concern
over the possibility that Obama's career may have been
secretly groomed by elitists in the U.S. I think this
could have been done as a safety-valve that might be used
as a hedge against possible economic collapse, and the
possible resurgence of anti-elitist sentiment. It's
called "co-option," and yes, I believe that the ruling
class plans ahead for contingencies so that they can
preserve their money and influence.
1. Obama's father studied in the USA on American money,
and Obama's mother worked for USAID and then for the
Ford Foundation.
2. The Ford Foundation was thick with elements of U.S.
intelligence, particularly in Indonesia before and after
the 1965 coup.
(There is a huge amount of literature on the Ford Foundation
and its intelligence connections, beginning with the Marshall
Plan after WW2 and continuing through McGeorge Bundy, who was
president of the Foundation from 1966-1979. Bundy was LBJ's
national security advisor and his brother was a CIA official.)
3. Obama's mother got a PhD in anthropology in 1992 from the
University of Hawaii. There is a long history of collaboration
between anthropologists and the CIA.
4. After graduating from Columbia in 1983, Obama got a job
at Business International.
5. Business International has CIA connections. (2nd column, 11th paragraph)