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24 August 2008. Thanks to John Gillespie.

To: <coldwarcomms[at]>
From: "John Gillespie" <johngillespie[at]>
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 11:29:08 -0400
Subject: RE: [coldwarcomms] US Aid to Republic of Georgia

As way of introduction I used to represent the Georgia Shipping Ltd in the
USA for a Marine and Environmental firm out of Alexandria, VA back around
2000. It was the largest ex-Soviet merchant fleet post cold war. The fleet
which was always in debt and having vessels arrested in various ports around
the world and was purchased from Georgia by Greenoak in 2004. Greenoak
whose name reminds me of Evergreen and its CIA connections but more on them

I also reviewed the oil spill response plan for the Supsa Oil Terminal which
is the export end of the Supsa-Baku Oil Pipe. It is a smaller pipeline running
through the central Georgian valley to the Port of Poti verses the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan
(BTC), the worlds second longest oil pipeline,

which runs through to Turkey. You may recall in recent weeks the Russian air force
bombing this pipeline and missing which I can only speculate were warning
shots. Originally the Supsa Oil Terminal was to have a floating buoy from
which supertankers (1/day) were to load but apparently after our review with
the World Bank in London the design was changed and a pipeline run the 4 km
north to load on the southern part of the Port of Poti (see the attached
aerials). In the attached scan you can see the 4 storage tanks at Novyye
Grigoleti and in the upper picture you can just start making out the south
end of Poti

and Lake Palistomi.

I believe what the Russians are doing is trying not so much to control this port and
the Georgian Navy HQ so much as control this oil pipeline. Of course the
Russians have been screwing around outside this port since October 2006
after those five Russian Navy Officer/Spy's were arrested by Georgian

You will note back then that the Russian Navy holding unauthorized live fire exercises
warned merchant shipping to avoid Poti, Supsa and Batumi or in other words
all the export oil terminals in Georgia. Where to look for more trouble
from the Russians: Greenoak runs three (3) oil piers at the Batumi Oil
Terminal in the Autonomus Republic of Ajaria, Georgia and the
Azerbaijan-Georgian rail corridor, yes they ship oil by railcar and
transload it ships as well

So if I were the Russians looking at the my end game in Georgia I would put forth
some 'representative' from any 'oppressed' opposition party from Ajara and I
would simply turn my tanks south from Poti and take the entire Georgian
black sea coast thus denying the 'west' any energy resources out of the

that once were under the complete control of the Russians.

In my scenario fuel prices would probably climb to $5 or $6 per gallon on oil
supply speculation alone, the world economy would collapse starting in Western
Europe where all this oil really goes anyway, and life would generally change
from recession to depression here in the USA.


John Gillespie
Charles Town, WV