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17 June 2006


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16 June 2006

SIGINT Position

MacAulay-Brown, Inc (MacB) is a technical and management services company founded in 1979 and headquartered in Dayton, OH. Operating as woman-owned, small business, MacBs principal areas of business focus on acquisition management support, SETA support, information warfare, intelligence, electronic combat systems, C4I systems, and threat exploitation.

The Position:

Serve as the Pacific theater focal point for all AF NTI issues.

Assist in development of Pacific NTI TTP's/SOP and coordinate NTI Field Flight processes with other NTIF's.

Assist in development of Pacific NTI training materials.

Maintain situational awareness of world events, which affect US and allied forces' air and space operations in the Pacific Theater.

Provide real-time information support to AF NTI customers and AOC-deployed NTI personnel during contingency, surge or exercise operations.

Disseminate aerospace operational planning and execution documents.

Monitor SIGINT research via SIGINT databases and disseminate time-critical SIGINT threat analysis, target identification, geo-location data, and other intelligence products.

Manage and facilitate NTI Request for Information.

Analyze evolving situations pertaining to aerospace operations requiring time-sensitive SIGINT support and alert AF NTI personnel and other AF NTI customers.

Provide NSOC and NSA/CSS Hawaii with insight into the operational and intelligence requirements of the C/JFACC and other commanders at the operational level.

Monitor all collaborative mission essential tools for situational awareness.

Maintain and disseminate NTI mission logs ensuring continuity between shifts is maintained and leadership chains are advised.

Sanitize intelligence material for wider dissemination in accordance with existing regulations, directives, policies, and operating procedures.

Maintain contact between all AF NTI AODs and AF CSGs.

Provide insight into NSA/CSS Hawaii advances/initiatives in analysis, collection, and reporting to AF NTI personnel and AF NTI customers that affect AOC operations.

Coordinate analytic exchanges between PAOC personnel and NSA/CSS Hawaii target analysts and collectors.

Perform quantitative and qualitative customer feedback.

Establish AF NTI customer baseline and further refine their priority information needs/requirements.

Provide crisis support to C/JFACC forces during surge planning.

Coordinate with national/tactical SIGINT collection managers on collection requirements and deconfliction.

Coordinate with other Service Cryptologic Elements (RTCAE, MCIC, MCSE) on combatant cryptologic support center services and processes.

Develop awareness of AF NTI products and services among current and potential clients

The Requirements:

At least five years SIGINT Analyst experience, preferably on the Air Operations Center (AOC) and Pacific theater side of the house

Security Clearance Required:


MacAulay-Brown, Inc. offers a challenging environment, competitive salaries, and comprehensive benefits. As an applicant for this position you will be subject to a Government security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information


Jason Hess
Technical Recruiter
Macaulay Brown, Inc.
4021 Executive Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45430
937-426-3421 local
1-800-432-3421 toll free
937-479-6699 evenings
937-426-5364 fax