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26 December 2006

A sends an "explosive" list, not previously published, of alleged officers of the BDVP, the district authorities of the East German police, who worked with the Stasi, the East German domestic spying agency.

"über mitarbeiter des ex ministerium für staatssicherheit (mfs), die zudem mitarbeiter in der polizei der ex ddr waren."

It provides last name, first name, ID number, alternate ID number, job title, initial rank, office assignment, latest rank.

The 79-page document, PDF, Zipped: (8.9MB)

The document is arranged by city, the names for which have been excerpted as separate files:

1. BDVP Dresden, Cover and 5 pages. (300KB)

2. BDVP Gera, Cover and 2 pages. (130KB)

3. BDVP Erfurt, Cover and 2 pages. (119KB)

4. BDVP Suhl, Cover and 3 pages. (176KB)

5. BDVP Karl-Marx-Stadt, Cover and 2 page.

6. BVDP Leipzig, Cover and 17 pages. (6.1MB)

7. BDVP Cottbus, Cover and 4 pages. (205KB)

8. BDVP Frankfurt/0, Cover and 7 pages. (437KB)

9. BDVP Halle, Cover and 2 pages. (98KB)

10. HSDVP "Karl Liebknecht", Cover and 1 page. (122KB)

11. BDVP Magdeburg, Cover and 5 pages. (287KB)

12. BDVP Neubrandengurg, Cover and 5 pages. (320KB)

13. BDVP Potsdam, Cover and 2 pages. (132KB)

14. BDVP Rostock, Cover and 3 pages. (195KB)

15. BDVP Schwerin, Cover and 4 pages. (237KB)