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8 October 2008

Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 08:40:56 -0400
Subject: IED preparedness
From: training[at]

Recent history has shown that improvised explosive devices - IEDs - and 
vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices - VBIEDs are often the terrorists 
weapon of choice. It is likely that these attacks would be carried out in 
non-battlefield environments, possibly even your community. To encourage 
organizations to address the IED threat, the Department of Homeland Security 
lists public and private IED awareness, preparedness & response as a top 
priority in awarding grants. To help with your preparedness, Emergency Film 
Group has created this low cost, yet extremely effective training solution. 
This exciting program combines footage of actual IED attacks with extensive 
range demonstrations to portray the effects of IED. It covers:

Pre- and post-detonation responses
Types of explosives and precursor chemicals used in an IED
Warning signs of the presence of an IED/VBIED
Evacuation distances
Size up & recon
Managing victims
Preserving evidence

Includes an accompany[ing] Resource CD-Rom with PowerPoint, quiz and other 
materials which are helpful in presenting a course based on the DVD.

This is ideal training for police officers, firefighters, hazmat teams, bomb 
squads, EMTs, emergency management, and others who may be part of a response 
involving IEDs. Cost for the 34-minute DVD plus accompanying Resource CD-Rom 
is just $450.

To order visit 

or call me at 800.842.0999.

Sincerely yours

Richard Cohen
VP, Distribution
Emergency Film Group


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