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29 August 2008

Scanned hardcopy of 233-page manual (Zipped PDF, 26.1MB)

National Security Agency

U.S. Government Contractors Controlled Cryptographic Item Manual

2 February 1986



Executive Summary

[All pages except Executive Summary are marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY.]


I. Purpose and Scope

II. Applicability

III. Authority

IV. Background

V. Program Description

VI. Organization

VII. Additional Information

Annex A - Acquisition

I. Introduction

II. Ownership

III. Requirements and Procedures for Acquisition of CCI Equipment

IV. Appendix 1 - CCI Control Agreement

V. Appendix 2 - Sample FOCI Form

VI. Appendix 3 - Contracting Officer's Authorization to Purchase Form

Annex B - COMSEC Accounts

I. General

II. Procedures for Establishing a Primary COMSEC Account at a Contractor Facility with the NSA as COR

III. Personnel Selection Criteria (for B-4 classified accounts)

IV. Indoctrination and Guidance for COMSEC Custodians

V. Duties of the COMSEC Custodian, Alternate Custodian, and Facility Security Supervisor

VI. Sub-accounts

VII. Closing COMSEC Accounts

Annex C - Accounting Procedures

I. General

II. Receipt of Accountable COMSEC Material

III. Transfer of COMSEC Material

IV. CCI and COMSEC Material Inventory Reporting

V. Destruction Reports

VI. Audit of COMSEC Accounts

VII. Change of COMSEC Custodian

VIII. CCI Equipment Distribution

IX. Forms, Reports, and Files

X. Vendor Accounting Responsibilities

XI. Appendix 1 - Miscellaneous Accounting Forms

XII. Appendix 2 - Map of ARFCOS Stations

XIII. Appendix 3 - Certificate of Action Statement

Annex D - Physical Security

I. General

II. CCI Equipment

III. Fill Devices for Loading Key

IV. Keying Material

V. Other Related Materials

VI. Transportation

VII. Displays, Demonstrations, and Marketing

VIII. Appendix 1 - Cryptographic Briefing

IX. Appendix 2 - Material Destruction Guidelines

X. Appendix 3 - NSA-Approved Paper Destruction Devices

XI. Appendix 4 - Reference Materials

XII. Appendix 5 - Facility Standard Practice Procedure

XIII. Appendix 6 - Company Information Form

Annex E - TEMPEST Requirements [Annex E not in hardcopy manual.]

I. General

II. Countermeasures Determination

III. Countermeasures Requirements

IV. TEMPEST Personnel Certification

V. Industrial TEMPEST Program

VI. Appendix 1 - TEMPEST Security Evaluation Form

VII. Appendix 2 - TEMPEST Countermeasures Determination Procedures

Annex F - Keying Material Management

I. Introduction

II. Responsibilities of a Controlling Authority

III. Considerations In Establishing a Cryptonet

IV. Keying Material Support Plan

Annex G - Insecurity Reporting

I. General

II. Reportable COMSEC Insecurities

III. Basic Requirements for Reporting Insecurities

IV. Types of Insecurity Reports

V. Appendix 1 - Insecurity Evaluation Guidance

Annex H - System Certification and Configuration Control

I. Introduction

II. Certification

III. Configuration Control

Annex I - Authorized Vendor Equipment

I. Appendix 1 - KY-71/71A

II. Appendix 2 - Key Ordering Form

III. Appendix 3 - KG-84A

IV. Appendix 4 - KOI-18, KYK-13, and KYX-15 Fill Devices

Annex J - Glossary